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AmplitudeJS – A Modern Open-Source HTML5 Audio Player

Amplitude HTML5 Audio Player
Written by Martins D. Okoi

AmplitudeJS is an open-source cross-platform music player for users of the modern web. It features a beautiful minimalist and intuitive interface across virtually all web browsers.

With Amplitude, you can build your own audio player complete with your custom design and layout. Songs are to be added via the main Amplitude.init() method in JSON format. See the way its done with three songs in the codepen below:

		"songs": [
				"name": "Song Name 1",
				"artist": "Artist Name",
				"album": "Album Name",
				"url": "/song/url.mp3",
				"cover_art_url": "/cover/art/url.jpg"
				"name": "Song Name 2",
				"artist": "Artist Name",
				"album": "Album Name",
				"url": "/song/url.mp3",
				"cover_art_url": "/cover/art/url.jpg"
				"name": "Song Name 3",
				"artist": "Artist Name",
				"album": "Album Name",
				"url": "/song/url.mp3",
				"cover_art_url": "/cover/art/url.jpg"

With AmplitudeJS, you can see a list of all your subscribed courses.

Features in AmplitudeJS

  • Freeware: AmplitudeJS is free for everyone to download and use.
  • Open Source: AmplitudeJS is released under the MIT license and you can contribute to its source code on GitHub.
  • Cross-Platform: HTML5 runs in the browsers of all Operating Systems so there is barely any limitation to using AmplitudeJS.
  • Completely independent library (no jQuery required).
  • Available by CDN or single command install: npm install --save amplitudejs.
  • Uses JSON to load song data.
  • Native support for SoundCloud.
  • 100% callback functions for all events including Play/Pause, Stop, Repeat, Next Song, Previous Song, and Shuffle.
  • A well put together online Documentation where you can also learn its usage.
  • JavaScript Keybindings for advanced UX (User Experience).
  • Written completely in vanilla JavaScript (does not require jQuery).
  • 9kb compressed.
  • Unlimited playlists.
  • Does not require page refreshes.
  • Supports live stream.
  • Support for soft-touch and compatible with mobile devices.
  • Supports multiple playlists on a single page.
  • Display song metadata.
  • Completely customizable (down to each visible element).
  • Both an intuitive and minimalist UI.
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You can see examples of the above-listed features here.

In my opinion, this is the most light-weight, beautiful, and minimalist web music player. You don’t even need to be online to use it! You do, however, need to be able to write JSON.

Download AmplitudeJS on GitHub

Is AmplitudeJS your type of music player? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below and feel free to drop your app suggestions along the way.

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