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Become a Certified White Hat Hacker with 8-Course Bundle

Become a Certified White Hat Hacker
Written by Ravi Saive

Cyber threats are on the rise and Hackers are learning and discovering new ways to infiltrate computer systems and networks owned by governments, private companies as well as IT firms, on the internet.

White Hat Hackers are IT specialists better referred to as Computer Security experts who do the dirty work of protecting computer systems and networks from hackers.

Are you aspiring from to become a White Hat Hackers? Are you fascinated about safeguarding computer systems and networks? Here is The Certified White Hat Hacker Bundle to get you started on a journey towards becoming a IT Security expert.

This course will help you learn to think like a hacker with up to 55 hours of training in order to stop attacks before they hit. You will learn various skills from intermediate to advanced network hacking, practical ethical hacking, to Information Systems Security and web hacking for beginners. By the end of your training, you will start fighting back against malicious computer users.

What’s Included in this Bundle:

  • Network Hacking Continued: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Practical Hacking 2018
  • The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced 2.0
  • How to Hack WiFi Networks for Beginners
  • The Complete Nmap Ethical Hacking Course: Network Security
  • Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Web Hacking for Beginners
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Grab this deal on Tecmint Deals and become a Computer Security specialist and start your high-paying career after mastering white hacking from scratch.

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