5 Best Facebook Alternatives to Protect Your Privacy in 2019

Best Facebook Alternatives
Written by Anusha Saive

When we talk about Social Networking sites, the first thing that comes up to our mind is “Facebook”. It is Facebook which in reality introduced millions of people to the Social Networking world. But, today a lot of people are deleting their Facebook account or have become inactive.

The main reason behind this is privacy. While we already knew that Facebook uses our data, the recent Facebook-CA scandal has made a lot of us look for its alternative.

So if you are one of those who love Social Networking sites but are scared about the privacy part, then you are at the right place!

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We have made a list of the best available alternatives to Facebook which is a must-try! There you go!

1. Vero

Based on a Subscription model, Vero shows no ads and collects your usage data only once you approve it to do it. Unlike Facebook which uses your usage data to make money, this app uses your data only to help you to be mindful of the time you spent on this app! What more can you expect from a Social Networking app!

The app is available on both Android and iOs.



2. Minds

Minds a Social Networking site is based on open-code source and privacy is one of its core principles.

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Available on Web, Android, and iOS, this Social Networking site pays its contributor in Cryptocurrency! It has most of the features that are available on Facebook but is chosen over it because of its privacy policy.



3. MeWe

MeWe is another such alternative to Facebook where you can get all the basic features of Facebook without worrying about privacy. Although it has advertisements they are not targeted.

Its user interface makes it one of our favourite and gives it a place in our list. It is not available on the web but is available on both Android and iOs.



4. Raftr

The app introduces itself with the line “The app that helps you find your people and get current”. Raftr gets its name from “raft” which implies a group of Sea Otters. It connects you with your friends at college and keeps you updated with all the happenings.

It also gives you an option to connect to the real world. Talking about the privacy policy, unlike Facebook, Raftr doesn’t share any personal information with the third-party and hence makes its place in the list!

It is also available on Android and iOs.



5. Diaspora

If our focus is on privacy, we cannot afford to miss out listing Diaspora. No one owns Diaspora and it is only you who controls all your data.

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It is a not-for-profit social Networking website and has no interest in selling your data to any third party or show you advertisements to make money. It also gives you an option to hide your real identity.



The above apps are an alternative to Facebook if your major focus is on privacy. There are a lot of other applications available that gives you all the basic features available on Facebook and may be more! LinkedIn, Instagram, Ello, Pinterest, Snapchat are other free applications that are giving tough competition to Facebook and covers all its features.

Do let us know if you find our article useful by commenting below. Don’t forget to share with us your next favourite social networking site!

In case you think we have missed out a site which according to you should have been in the list, do fill up the form below for us to incorporate those! Till then, Happy Networking!


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