15 Best Sites to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online in 2021

Best Sites to Watch Movies and TV Shows
Written by Ravi Saive

Old days of watching TV together with the family members and sometimes even with your neighborhood is long gone! Once we struggled to get a cable connection, and now most people do not bother about having one, because now the TV has gone far beyond it. The only thing people need to entertain themselves is a computer/Mobile device and an internet connection.

With no time to watch our favorite TV shows, most of us have happily switched to watching TV on our computers or smartphones. There are various sites today that not only features all the TV serials currently running, but also features some famous old TV series. Some sites also have their original web series and movies to make sure that you can find something to match your taste.

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With numerous sites available, each trying to offer the best of service, it is important for you to create your top watch-to list. Here are our picks for the same so that you utilize your time in watching TV rather than struggling to choose one!

1. Netflix


Currently, Netflix is unbeatably one of the most enjoyed sites to catch up on the latest TV shows, movies, documentaries, and some amazing original content.

Its vast variety of available sources of entertainment keeps viewers hungry for more. Netflix also allows you to download shows and movies to watch later offline.


2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a good competitor to Netflix in quality content and is much cheaper than it. It has an option of a subscription model that gives its subscribers access to all the TV shows/movies and also an option of buying/renting particular shows. It provides high quality, low data usage and can be accessed on multiple devices at the same time.


3. iTunes

For an Apple user, iTunes is a great option. As Apple’s quality of exclusivity is known of, a subscription model isn’t what one can get on this platform.

The prices of TV shows and movies are on par with other sites. iTunes always has new content flowing in and it displays the top of the chart shows to leave you spoilt for choice.


4. Google Play

Keeping the convenience factor alive for Android users, Google Play provides digital content that can be bought, rented or downloaded from the Google Play store. Since there is no subscription required you pay for what you watch and it is a great option for that one show that you are craving to watch.


5. Hulu

Hulu provides you with high-quality content. The free category is on the site enhances a sense of nostalgia as it often has old episodes of shows that you haven’t seen in years. On the other hand, newly released movies and shows come at a certain price.


6. Hotstar TV

Indian daily soaps, news, blockbuster movies, on the day of a sports game & even for some international live watching Hotstar TV is the one-stop solution. Streaming in almost 17 different languages it is one of India’s largest providers of online entertainment.


7. Tubi TV

Widely known for its 100% legal unlimited streaming, TubiTV has won the hearts and minds of many. It claims to have no credit cards or subscription requirements to be fulfilled. Whenever you want to watch something, login and start. It’s that simple!


8. DirecTV Now

Here nothing’s free but available at a small monthly fee one can access various TV channels. On DirecTV, you will get to watch every show that is up on a channel that is a part of your subscription list.


9. Yahoo View

Yahoo View – From Anime to TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, comedy shows and movies you name it and it’s available. With a whole range available for its viewers, its directory features help you find what you want easily.


10. Pluto TV

Slightly different from other platforms for streaming, Pluto TV in addition to the regular shows and channels also has a range of online-only channels available. The well-categorized movie offerings are a huge attraction.


11. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix has a high rating even on the App Store (iTunes). It is recommended for TV shows, full-length movies and some of the out of the ordinary web series. It has a bunch of things to watch that can instantly take a 90s kid back to their childhood.


12. Crackle

From the trusted house of Sony Pictures, Crackle provides a variety of options to watch. If you have been binge watching, to keep a track of all your shows Crackle allows you to make your watch lists.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

13. Yidio

If you are looking for someone to scan through all the different viewing sites and bring to you that one particular TV show or movie then Yidio is your master find. It increases the variety of what is available and adds to the convenience of watching.


14. Share TV

Catering to enthusiastic fans of popular TV shows & movies, Share TV has a whole lot of digital content available. What adds to the fun of watching is the trivia and exciting countdowns to the next episode. Landing on this site once could make you a regular.


15. Sling TV

You get to view what you like best on your favorite TV channels. It’s a good way to move away from your regular cable subscription to a more niche one. Sling TV has stocked up the premium cable channels and sometimes misses out on the local ones. It works on a subscription which means you are in it for at least a month.


With all these incredible sites and an uncountable number of shows and movies available out there, I’m sure you are ready to turn your computer or smartphone into a fully-fledged TV. These sites specialize in providing for different kinds of audiences and their content varies accordingly.

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One can also go directly to a channel’s site to watch particular shows in superior video quality. Spoilt by choice one can move from one to another when you are in the mood for something different. So Happy Watching!

Hope this article helps you choose among the various sites available! Do let us know your favourite among the above and tell us what is there on your watching list! You can comment below so that we also do not miss out on it!

If you think we have missed out a particular site which you think should have been in the list, please feel free to send it across to us by filling out the form below.


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