Blue Face – A Facebook-Inspired GTK Theme for Linux

Facebook Theme for Ubuntu
Written by Martins D. Okoi

I don’t know how much of a social media lover you are but I kind of understand why there exists a Facebook-inspired theme; what else is there to do? And no I’m not saying it is Facebook inspired because it is blue but because the theme’s Github page description reads,

Get your Facebook on! For the Facebook addicts and those of you who just dig the Facebook look, here is your chance to theme your Linux desktop with the same color scheme!

That’s right; Blue Face is a Facebook-inspired GTK theme developed by Vistaus for Linux users who love Facebook. Even if you don’t love Facebook, you might love its color scheme and now you have a chance to easily style your workstation accordingly.

Install Blue Face (Facebook-like GTK Theme) on Ubuntu

First download the theme files “” from the GitHub releases page.

Download Blue Face GTK Theme .zip

  1. Next, unzip or clone the repository.
  2. Create a .themes folder in your Home directory if you don’t already have one.
  3. Use Ctrl + H (Nautilus and other GTK-based file managers) to show hidden folders/files.
  4. Move the downloaded folder oomox-Blue to the .themes folder.
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You can decide to install the theme by moving the oomox-Blue folder to /usr/share/themes as long as you have root privileges.

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Blue Face, as at this time of writing, just got released so expect a couple of bugs and consistency issues here and there. It has a fallback version for apps using GTK2 and works perfectly on GTK 3.20 and later. If you use the theme and come across any issues feel free to report your case on the project’s GitHub page.

Can you drop your two cents about the Blue Face theme in the comments section? And also let me know whether or not it works nicely if you get to try it on a version lower than GTK 3.20.

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