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Cinelerra GG Infinity – A Free Video Editing Software for Linux

Cinelerra GG Infinity - Linux Video Editing Software
Written by Martins D. Okoi

We have covered a variety of video editing software that range from simple video editors to professional-class free alternatives.g. Shotcut and OpenShot. Today, we are happy to introduce to you another video editor capable of meeting your personal needs.

Cinelerra GG Infinity is a robust free and open-source video editing software designed for rendering, motion tracking, compositing, and video editing on Linux computers. With it, you can edit videos into movie-like projects using beautiful transitions, texts, and effects with proper audio quality all from a modern 8k video editor.

Features in Cinelerra GG Infinity

  • Free and open-source
  • 8k editor
  • Transition effects
  • Support for LV2 and multiple cameras
  • Text editor for creating video titles and texts
  • Support for proxies
  • YouTube presets
  • Rendering, motion tracking, compositing, etc.
  • Supports Pulse Audio for audio driver
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports plugins

From the last updated version released on March 2, Cinelerra ships with 16 upgraded 3rd party libraries and a new plugin, ColorSpace, which enables colour space/range conversion with BT601, BT709, BT2020 and mpeg/jpeg along with Inverse as options.

Install Cinelerra GG Infinity on Linux

You can download the installation package for Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, CentOS, Mint, Gentoo, Fedora, and Slackware from the downloads page. If it pleases you, there are single-user builds for the latest and previous versions. These alternative installation packages enable users to test multiple versions of Cinelerra-GG without deleting others.

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Download Cinelerra GG for Linux


Cinelerra GG Infinity ships as a rolling release updated every month this the word ‘infinity’ in its name. It falls in the category of mid-range editors since it doesn’t have most of the features in commercially available software but can still make professional video projects.

What are your thoughts on Cinelerra GG Infinity?


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