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Clipboard Anywhere – A Multi-Platform Lightweight Clipboard App

Clipboard Anywhere App for Linux
Written by Divine Okoi

Clipboard Anywhere is a free, lightweight, and cloud-enabled clipboard application with which you can copy to and paste from its clipboard universally synced across all connected devices.

It is important to remember that Clipboard Anywhere is NOT a clipboard manager app but simply a clipboard app via which you can have texts and images that you copy on your desktop available on your mobile devices and vice versa.

It is for those who need the functionality of a synchronized clipboard without management and other extra features that clipboard management apps like CopyQ and Indicator Bulletin ship with.

Clipboard Anywhere poses a simple User Interface that is intuitive enough to use thanks to its easy-to-spot controls which have managed to offer a uniform UX across all platforms.

Features in Clipboard Anywhere

  • Freeware: You can download and use Clipboard Anywhere free of charge for as long as you want.
  • Multi-Platform: Clipboard Anywhere is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux.
  • Social: Connect to your Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Copy texts and images to clipboard within desktop apps or share using the “Copy to cloud” options in mobile devices.
  • Automatic synchronization across connected devices.

Clipboard Anywhere seems to be free for download and use but not open-source. You should also take note of your data limits as local charges may apply when using the app on your mobile devices.

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Download Cipboard Anywhere for Linux

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And feel free to tell us about your experience with Clipboard Anywhere.


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