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EasyJoin – Send Files Between Your Phone and PC Without Internet

EasyJoin Share Files Between Devices
Written by Martins D. Okoi

EasyJoin is a cross-platform freemium (Ad-free) file sharing app. With it, you can you can also send folders, messages, and links to any of your connected devices without an internet connection.

EasyJoin features a modern tabbed User Interface with sections for message conversations, a list of trusted devices, and a list of temporarily trusted devices. It also supports notifications on all connected devices and a plethora of customization settings to further personalize the User experience.

Its major aim is to provide users with a means to send data between their mobile devices and desktops without running data over the internet, using external servers, or giving apps unnecessary permissions just to perform the same function.

Features in EasyJoin

  • Freemium: EasyJoin is free for everyone to download and use with a Pro version available for those who want to enjoy its extra features.
  • Cross-Platform: You can enjoy EasyJoin whether you run Windows, GNU/Linux, or Mac.
  • Files: Send files and folders to one or more devices at the highest speed your bandwidth allows.
  • Support: A FAQs page to help you with setting up.
  • Internetless: Does not require internet – send messages between your devices in your network while saving your data plan.
  • Messages: Send SMS and links from your PC or tablet.
  • Phone Calls: Manage calls from your PC without touching your phone (Pro version on Android).
  • Notifications: Supports desktop notifications.
  • Safety: End-to-end encryption.
  • Private Network: Create your own private (hotspot) network with a single click.
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Remember that you will need to install EasyJoin on at least 2 devices to be able to perform any transfer between devices and any desktop OS platform.

There isn’t an iOS version and apparently there wouldn’t be any one soon.

Download EasyJoin for Linux

EasyJoin has a couple of alternatives in the market but it seems to be one of the best available. Are there any we are not aware of? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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Many thanks to our friends at EasyJoin.

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