Elvish – A Friendly and Expressive Shell for Linux

Elvish Linux Shell
Written by Divine Okoi

Today we have an app with a seemingly interesting future (from my point of view) for which I think that all Bash programmers will be excited about. And if you ever wanted to learn bash scripting this shell for Linux sets a good precedent for you. It’s called Elvish.

Elvish is an open-source project that aims to explore the potential of the Unix shell with beauty and style, nifty memory features, and intuitive control structures.

Beginners who have no knowledge of Shell scripting can get up and running with the tutorials made available on the website. keep in mind that it is a work in progress at the moment.

Features in Elvish

  • FOSS – Use Elvish free of charge and contribute to its source code (if you may) on GitHub.
  • Powerful Pipelines – carry both text and structured data as you stream functions, lists, and maps through the pipeline.
  • File Manager – Use Ctrl-N to quickly navigate directories and preview files right in the shell using the inbuilt file manager.
  • Directory History – Use Ctrl-L to search through your directories and file paths.
  • Command History – Use Ctrl-R to breeze through your command history.
  • Intuitive Control Structures – Programmers; enjoy the intuitive C-like syntax Elvish uses to format control structures like “if” statements.
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Elvish is currently still in development but has a good number of features that you can take advantage of while enjoying the stability it provides for daily usage.

Download Elvish for Linux


Have you used Elvish before? And what do you think about its features compared to other potential alternatives in the community?

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