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GitKraken – The Legendary Cross-Platform Git GUI Client

GitKraken GUI Git Client for Linux
Written by Divine Okoi

GitKraken is a powerful GUI application that allows Git users to interact more efficiently with their repositories. It is arguably the best Git GUI Client in the world not just because of its beautiful and relaxing UI/UX but also its seamless integration with other platforms necessary for developers’ workflow.

Users are free to run version control tasks using drag & drop, keyboard shortcuts, graphs, and Git LFS. It also features an in-app merge tool, a fuzzy finder, and support for Git Hooks, among others.

GitKraken is available for download as a free app for any open source and non-commercial project with the option for users to try out is 7-day GitKraken Pro trial for free.

Features in GitKraken

  • Cross-Platform: Free to download for GNU/Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • FitKraken Pro version for commercial use and a ton of extra features.
  • Seamless platform integrations.
  • Drag & Drop.
  • File history & Blame, resizable commit graphs, Git LFS, and an in-built merge tool.
  • Fuzzy finder.
  • Visual interactions.
  • Support for Gitflow, keyboard shortcuts, and Git Hooks.
  • A blog to keep users up to date with the latest dev news and tips.

GitKraken Pro Features

The Pro package costs $49 for 1 user, $39 for 10+ users, and $29 for 100+ users. Its features include:

  • Additional platform integrations.
  • Email support.
  • Merge conflict editor.
  • Multiple profiles.
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You can choose to download GitKraken for Linux distros in .deb or Gzip format depending on which you are more comfortable working with.

Download GitKraken for Linux

GitKraken Enterprise

GitKraken Enterprise costs $99 for 10+ users, $79 for 100+ users, and $69 for 250+ users. It is aimed at users who want AD/LDAP user integration, full IT control over releases, installation on custom servers, usage behind firewalls, and the ability to manage accounts locally.

Do you think there are other Git GUI clients that do a better job than GitKraken? In aesthetics, integration, workflow, and efficiency?

You’re welcome to share your experiences, comments, and suggestions in the chat section below.


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