Glipper – Clipboard Manager for GNOME Desktop

Glipper Clipboard Manager for Ubuntu
Written by Divine Okoi

We have covered several clipboard managers in the past with advanced applications such as Clipboard Anywhere, CopyQ and Indicator Bulletin. Today, I’m happy to introduce to you a simple tool for managing your copy and paste history and it goes by the name of Glipper.

Glipper is a free and open-source clipboard manager built for the GNOME desktop environment. With it, users can manage their copied text using the clipboard history and it features plugin support to enable extra functionality. It was built to solve the problem of Ubuntu not having a built-in feature for managing copied texts.

Its main features include a network plugin for synchronizing the histories of multiple Glipper processes, a nopaste plugin for pasting clipboard content to a Nopaste service, a snippet plugin that enables users to access most frequently used text snippets, and an action plugin.

Since the latest app version, Glipper features an app indicator for Ubuntu Unity and Ubuntu’s Gnome classic. Before now, it was only a GNOME applet.

Features in Glipper

  • Free and open-source
  • App indicator
  • Support for Unity and Gnome Classic
  • Clipboard history management
  • An action plugin similar to Klipper’s action function

How to Install Glipper on Ubuntu


Glipper, being the software designed for the GNOME desktop environment that it is can be downloaded from Launchpad or you can install it from the command-line.

$ sudo apt-get update -y
$ sudo apt-get install -y glipper

Download Glipper from Launchpad

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Personally, it will be nicer if Glipper allowed users to filter records in real-time – that will place it somewhere in-between a simple and advanced clipboard manager.

Do you have any experiences from using Glipper that you will like to share with us? Or perhaps there are alternative apps that are worthy of mention. You’re welcome to drop your suggestions in the comments section below.


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