7 Best Google Drive Alternatives To Check-Out Now!

Talk about Google Drive and you won’t find anything easier, simplified, and convenient for storing your data. Whether it’s about your documents, spreadsheets, and more, Google Drive supports it all. Undoubtedly, Google Drive is one of the leading and accessible cloud tools that meet your several needs however, when it comes to privacy, it might not be considered by many.

That’s true, Google off lately saw a huge transition when most of its users adapted to other service providers and that’s for obvious reasons. Yet another reason the users got to move-on, is the foreseen limitation on data storage capabilities of Google Drive, which is soon going to get implemented from June 2021.

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So, if you are someone looking for an easy and convenient to use drive tool just like Google while keeping security a topmost priority, we have some incredible options out there, which you must explore!

1. Tresorit

Tresorit is our foremost choice due to its compatibility with a wide range of OS like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. This safe and private cloud tool offers military-level protection to your data using public-key cryptography.

This implies that all your data is encrypted in advance so that none can access it. With its impressive data security system, Tresorit even offers attractive monetary rewards to anyone who can break through its security.

It works similar to Google Drive but with the limitation to make it crucially hard for a person to transfer the data’s ownership. This drive system works by generating a security key while letting you know who all can access the shared files and revoke access instantly in case of something not right.

Tresorit - Ultra Secure Cloud
Tresorit – Ultra Secure Cloud

2. Sync.com

Sync is cloud software that lets you share data without any limitations. The main feature of this cloud software is that it lets you access files from any device while maintaining proper and timely data backups so that you can seamlessly retrieve anything whenever you want. Suitable for sharing large files in a single go, this cloud software ensures top quality.

However, it becomes a bit of a challenge to find any file if you have not followed proper organization prospects. Nevertheless, this Google Drive alternative is useful for basic storage needs due to its simple features and capabilities.

Sync - Everything in Sync
Sync – Everything in Sync

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3. NordLocker

Nordlocker promises all that a user needs! This Google Drive alternative follows strict guidelines when it comes to unauthorized access, hacking, and snooping. It uses an encryption system to encrypt locally stored data in the cloud to maintain optimum security and privacy. Suitable for all sorts of users, it works by simply dragging and dropping the files while allowing you to sync these encrypted files to any other device with complete access.

Besides, this software uses no password protection while file sharing to keep things simple yet protected. All you need to do is to share a link with those with whom you want to share the file with the provision to revoke the access whenever you want. Also, the NordLocker is compatible with both Mac OS and windows.

NordLocker Encryption - Store and Share Files Securely
NordLocker Encryption – Store and Share Files Securely

4. NextCloud

NextCloud is an open-source and self-hosted alternative to Google Drive that strives to deliver distinctive pro-compliance features to maintain user management, encryption, enforcement, auditing, and lots more.

It encrypts all the data to be transferred while integrating it with authentication mechanisms such as single-sign-on, two-factor authentication, and device management.



If you require apple storage with full-fledged security, Mega is what you need! This cloud storage software works by encrypting your precious data while in transit and provides certain collaboration tools to let you share your files with anyone you want.

Compatible for Windows, Linux, macOS, and iOS, it comes with 50GB of free storage space. It additionally gives an option to extend the space if you install their app or invite friends to join this platform.

Mega lets you edit in real-time and share files using a sharable link. However, this feature lacks adequate security. Furthermore, it refreshes every half an hour due to its limited bandwidth which can be extremely frustrating for those dealing with heavy data.


6. Dropbox

DropBox comes with compatibility with several operating systems like Mac, Windows, iOS, etc. this software makes an exceptional alternative for those who need to store massive files. This cloud software has recently seen changes in the way its security used to be to provide a flawless user experience with certain technological advancements.

However, it somehow still needs optimum upgrades to ensure a hacker’s free environment. Nevertheless, Dropbox still makes it to the list of powerful cloud storage systems.


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7. pcloud

pcloud is a new bee in the market! This secure yet easy-to-use Google Drive alternative lets you store up to 10GB of free folders and files. To access more space, maximum up to 2TB, you can opt for its lifetime plan which lets you go carefree when it comes to storage needs.

This software equips using in-built media players and documents viewers to let you view, open, and stream data files straight from the cloud service. Also, you need to compromise your security as this software keeps your data confidential using pcloud Crypto encryption.

pCloud - Secure and Simple to Use Cloud Storage
pCloud – Secure and Simple to Use Cloud Storage

Google Drive is indeed liked by many but due to security concerns and forecasted limitations, switching to a better yet friendly alternative is recommended. Through our extensive research, we have shortlisted a few Google Drive alternatives that will provide your data with optimum security and decent storage space.

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