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Gratipay Fund Open Source Projects
Written by Divine Okoi

I don’t know if you have heard of Patreon before because we are about to introduce you to a Patreon-type service for open source projects – Gratipay.

Gratipay is an open source startup founded with the purpose of providing project supporters with an avenue to financially help open source projects.

You can find a long list of open source projects to choose to support using a variety of payment options and of course, you are free to donate as much as you want to.

The website features a long list of open source projects from which users can choose to support using a variety of payment options. Its payment scheme is on a weekly basis with a donation restriction of at least  per week and at most $1,000 per week. This restriction is set up in order to minimize income volatility by reducing the level of dependence a project has on few sources of income.

What About Security?


As one would expect, Gratipay makes sure that all projects open for donations are verified. They also added npm so that more open source projects can receive financial support.

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How Do They Make Money?

Gratipay neither charges any donation fees nor do they cut percentages off the money supporters donate to other projects. Instead, they get listed and supported on the website as a verified open source project – just like everybody else.

Features in Gratipay

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