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Gyazo – An Easy Way to Capture Screenshots, GIFs and Save Websites

Gyazo - Capture Screenshots, GIFs and Save Websites
Written by Martins D. Okoi

Gyazo is a screen capturing application with which you can quickly take quality shots of your screen and also create GIFs on the fly with a simple click.

It is as simple to use as another screen capture tool we wrote on earlier, Peek, but Gyazo seems to have an edge in terms of functionality, customizability, and extension; at least, for now.

Gyazo has a uniquely beautiful and yet, simplistic UI, with intuitive controls. With Gyazo activated, click once and hold to select the screen area you want to capture and release when you’re done.

You can share the screen shot immediately after taking it, because Gyazo creates a link to your new screenshot and copies it to your clipboard. All you will need to share your new screen shot is to paste it into wherever you want to share it.

A link to the new image page is copied to your clipboard. By pasting this link you can share anything on screen right away. This feature makes it possible for you to use Gyazo to share anything on your screen to virtually anywhere. And all it takes is a click.

Gyazo’s features don’t end there. Because your saved images are automatically saved and organized for you using an automatic tagging system, you can always search for them using their app name, web address, save date, or file name!

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If you’re ever short on ideas to use for wherever projects of yours, you can always head over to the app’s inspiration section to see screen saves made by other Gyazo users.

Features in Gyazo

  • A beautiful and minimal design UI with intuitive controls.
  • Automatic organization without the need for tags.
  • An explore feature to find free screenshots and GIFs for inspiration.
  • Ivy Search – an efficient search mechanism to search for saved files by date, app name, web address, or file name.

Features in Gyazo Pro

Where Gyazo finally takes things up a notch to out-class simple screen recorder is with Gyazo Pro. This version is a subscription tier at $4.99/month and it comes with a lot more features that extends the app’s usage including:

  • Auto text scans with OCR – which allows you to automatically select texts from images and make them available to be searched or copied to your clipboard.
  • Unlimited image history and storage – never lose any of the files you saved before, including ones prior to your upgrade.
  • Add notes and simple mockup – draw arrows, add text, etc to your screen captures to make your point more vivid right from within your browser.
  • Animations – create animations up to 60 seconds long with a single click.
  • Ad-free – share your photos and browse for inspiration without ad interference
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For now, you can test the waters with the free Gyazo app and even you enjoy it enough to subscribe for the pro, do so. Remember it is always helpful to contribute to app developers in the best way you conveniently can.

Download Gyazo for Linux

What is your take on Gyazo screen capture app? Does it win your heart over Peek or Green Recorder, especially since they’re free? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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