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Headset – Stream YouTube Music from Your Linux Desktop

Written by Martins D. Okoi

We all know that YouTube is an excellent source for free music streaming, especially for music lovers who don’t want a paid music streaming service subscription.

Regardless of the fact that YouTube has been able to handle the alternative task bestowed upon it, it is quite inconvenient to stream music from a browser each time; a desktop app will be more appreciable. Today, we introduce to you, Headset.

Headset is a free cross-platform desktop app with which you can natively stream YouTube music directly from your desktop.

To quote the website,

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Headset is a desktop app that turns YouTube into a world class music streaming service. Create collections, tune-in to a music subreddit or quickly play that song you’ve had stuck in your head all day!

Like many of the apps developed these days, it has a straight-to-the-point UI which makes it nice to behold, and simple to use. Enter the search keyword of your choice like you would in a YouTube search and start playing songs live with excellent quality.

Headset Music Streaming

Headset Music Streaming

Headset Playing Music

Headset Playing Music

You can add and play tracks from a playlist, [YouTube] like tracks as your stream them, and use control buttons to set with your music playback.

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Features in Headset

  • Access to YouTube’s music library containing millions of songs.
  • Capture hours of MIT courses and TED talks.
  • Create a favorites list.
  • Save songs to a “listen later” list.

Find new songs and playlists by following music subreddits with over 80 different stations, including /r/listenToThis, /r/90smusic, /r/electronic. Explore curated playlists, hand-picked by the reddit community.

For those who might be wondering, Headset is built using Electron (which, interestingly, is the only open-source part of the app; its core ‘player’ element isn’t). Anyway, it is available for Ubuntu, macOS, and Windows free of charge so you would be able to test it out.

Download Headset for Ubuntu

What do you think about Headset? Have you used it before? Or do you have a better alternative? Drop your comments below.

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