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Hiri – A Linux Email Client for Exchange and Office 365

Desktop Email Client for Microsoft Office and Hotmail
Written by Divine Okoi

Hiri is a modern email client that seamlessly incorporates your various emails, tasks, calendars, and contacts while allowing you to easily set reminders, categories, and tags to individual emails.

Hiri - Linux Email Client for Exchange and Office 365

Hiri – Linux Email Client for Exchange and Office 365

Features in Hiri Email Client

  • Hiri is proprietary software.
  • A modern dashboard with a beautiful, clutter-free user interface.
  • Delegate emails, set reminders, etc.
  • Better subject line suggestions.
  • Convert emails into tasks with a mouse click.
  • Separate emails using the Action / FYI filters.
  • Install on multiple devices with one email address.
  • New features are constantly added.
  • You can connect Hiri to Exchange, Office365, or a Microsoft email account (, Live, Hotmail). At the moment, Yahoo, Gmail, and other email providers are not supported.
  • Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Hiri has now updated its pricing plan to 2 options – Lifetime and Annual. Lifetime is a one-time payment of $119. The annual subscription costs $39 per license.

Both plans include access to updates and new features forever.

Install Hiri Email Client in Linux

Head over to the official Hiri download page and grab the latest tarball ad unpack the archive somewhere in your Linux machine.

$ wget
$ tar -xvf Hiri.tar.gz

Next, launch from the directory where you’ve extracted the files.

$ ./
Hiri Email Client

Hiri Email Client

To launch Hiri more easily, create a desktop entry from Hiri by going to Settings → General → Create desktop entry. From then on, Hiri will appear in your launcher.

Create Hiri Email Desktop Icon

Create Hiri Email Desktop Icon

If your system supports snap, the easiest way to install Hiri is:

$ sudo snap install hiri
$ hiri
  • Since Hiri is proprietary, no source code is provided.
  • The binary build of Hiri included all the required dependencies, so you no need to install anything else.
  • Hiri is only available for 64bit, no builds for 32bit.
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What do you think about Hiri? Is it cool enough to trigger your transition from Microsoft’s Outlook app? Download the app to give it a try and don’t forget to drop your feedback in the comments section below.


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