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Hypnotix: A New IPTV Streaming App for Watching Live TV, Movies and Series

Hypnotix: IPTV Streaming App for Linux
Written by Divine Okoi

These days, the Internet hype might have you thinking that movie streaming is kicking out TV channels but that’s not necessarily the case. While streaming platforms are becoming more popular, there are millions of people who prefer the good old tradition of following TV programs. If you’re one such person, then today’s app from Linux Mint is for you.

Hypnotix is a free and open-source IPTV streaming application with support for live TV, movies, and series. It is developed and managed by the Linux Mint team to support multiple IPTV providers of the types Xtream API, local m3u playlist, and M3U URL.

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On installation, it comes with FreeIPTV (a project with M3U for 2000+ legally available TV channels) preconfigured. This means that once you start using Hypnotix, you have access to more TV channels than you can watch from all over the world!


When deciding on which TV channels to watch, you can filter the list by clicking on the region or country you are interested in to view the results in the left sidebar. Click on a channel to immediately start streaming your channel selection in the main section to the right of the sidebar. Tap F or F11 to go fullscreen if you don’t want to use the on-screen button.

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One cool feature in Hypnotix is the ability to pause the TV channel to resume later. This functionality is possible due to the app’s ability to cache data on your machine but we don’t know exactly how big the cache is. You may be some seconds behind when you resume; this apparently depends on the cache.

Features in Hypnotix

  • Free, open-source software with source code available on GitHub.
  • Simple, easy-to-use user interface.
  • Supports Video on Demand (VOD) library.
  • Pause live streams.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.

There are a handful of points we’ve noticed while using Hypnotix and you may find them useful too if you want to use the app right away:

  • Your viewing experience is dependent on your connection speed and that of the TV channel’s servers.
  • Not all the TV channels listed in the application work.
  • The TV channels are not listed with details of the running programs.
  • There is no way to control the video quality as you would on YouTube, for example.
  • All the ads broadcasted during program breaks are streamed as well.

Installing Hypnotix in Ubuntu and Debian-based Distro

Hypnotix is currently in its beta phase but you can already test it on Ubuntu or any other Debian-based distro using its .deb file.

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Install Hypnotix Beta on Ubuntu

If you’re running Arch Linux or any of its derivative distributions, you can install it from the AUR – no surprise there.

For Hypnotix to run, it requires Python 3 packages which may not be available on Linux Mint 19 and Ubuntu 18.04 versions yet. If you have Python 3 installed on your system, you can download the dependency package by clicking the button below.

Install Python Dependencies for Hypnotix

Future Updates

According to Linux Mint, Hypnotix will be getting some important updates soon. These include:

  • EPG support for Live programs.
  • Hiding unused content. This will make the UI less cluttered.
  • PVR: pausing, recording, time-shifting, etc.
  • Custom categories for listing channels.
  • Favorites. A nifty feature in any streaming service.

After Warpinator, this another application that Linux Mint is taking their time to build from the ground app and it is good that not only the people who have their distro installed can enjoy it.

Do you like the idea of watching IPTV channels from the comfort of your computer? Tell us what you think about the Hypnotix project in the discussion section below.


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