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How to Install Mate Desktop 1.24 on Ubuntu 20.04

Install Mate Desktop in Ubuntu
Written by Aaron Kili

After about a year of hard work, developers of MATE desktop announced the release of MATE Desktop 1.24 and sent a message of appreciation to all participants in the project.

MATE Desktop offers Linux users an intuitive, beautifully filled, and moreover, attractive user interface with all the traditional analogies.

The new version of MATE Desktop comes with abundant new features, enhancements, and great functionalities which we shall talk about in the next section.

Features of MATE Desktop 1.24

It has numerous new features and these include:

  • Now you can set which applications to show on startup.
  • Support for Wayland and embedded color profiles.
  • New macro window manager.
  • New System Monitor panel applet with support for NVMe drives.
  • New Time And Date Manager app.
  • New MATE Disk Image Mounter utility.
  • Mozo, the menu editor, now supports Undo and Redo actions.
  • MATE panel with the ability to change icon sizes for menubar and menu items
  • Update terminal icons for mate theme
  • Plenty of other new features, bug-fixes, and general improvements.

You can check out all the different components of MATE Desktop 1.24 from here

Install MATE Desktop 1.24 in Ubuntu

To install the latest version of Mate Desktop, first, you need to upgrade your Ubuntu desktop by running the following command.

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Once the upgrade process completes, you can install the MATE desktop environment from the default Ubuntu repository as shown.

$ sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop

During installation, it might ask you to choose the “lightdm” or “gdm3” as they are the display manager for your login screen for your new mate desktop environment.

Choose Display Manager

Choose Display Manager

Once mate desktop installation finishes, restart your system and choose the mate desktop from the login screen and start using your new desktop environment in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Choose Mate Desktop Login

Choose Mate Desktop Login

Mate Desktop Running in Ubuntu

Mate Desktop Running in Ubuntu

Remove Mate Desktop on Ubuntu

If you want to remove Mate desktop from your Ubuntu system, run the following commands:

$ $ sudo apt purge ubuntu-mate-desktop

That is all, you now enjoy MATE Desktop 1.24 on your Ubuntu system with great features and enhanced functionalities.

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