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Notes-Up – A Markdown Note Editor & Manager for Elementary OS

Notes-Up Markdown Note Editor
Written by Martins D. Okoi

Notes Up is an open-source notes editor and manager aimed at Elementary OS. Its main attractions include a minimalist User Interface, an intuitive Markdown editor, support for keyboard shortcuts, dragging and dropping images, plugin extensions, and exporting notes to PDF.

Although Notes-Up is aimed at Elementary OS, it is available for openSUSE and users of other Linux distros are free to try it out via its PPA.

Philip, the developer wrote why he created the app on GitHub:

As a computer engineer, I’ve been writing my school notes using just a text editor, and having to manage all my files and keep everything organized. Well, not anymore! Notes Up is a notes manager written for elementary OS. With it, you’ll be able to write beautiful notes fast and easy using the markdown format.

Features in Notes-Up

  • Freeware: Notes-Up is free for everyone to download and use.
  • Open Source: Contribute to the source code on GitHub.
  • Aimed at Elementary OS: Notes-Up was developed by Philip Scott for users of Elementary OS.
  • Also available for non-elementary OS users.
  • Support for Multiple notebooks.
  • Intuitive markdown editor.
  • Export to PDF.
  • A markdown help section accessible at a click.
  • Support for plugins e.g enable syntax highlighting by wrapping code blocks in <highlight>.
  • Embed images within documents.
  • Drag and drop support for images.
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts e.g. Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new page.
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Elementary OS users can easily install Notes-Up directly from your application center by hitting the download button below.

Get Notes-Up from Elementary OS App Center

Notes-Up is also available for openSUSE:

Download Notes-Up for openSUSE

For non-Elementary OS users you can add Notes-Up to your repo and install it via the terminal. Remember, though, that your usage experience might vary since you’re using a different distro.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:philip.scott/notes-up
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install com.github.philip-scott.notes-up

Have you used Notes-Up before? What do you think of its note editing and management features? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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About the author

Martins D. Okoi

Martins Jr. (Dillivine) Okoi is a graduate of Computer Science with a passion for Linux and the Open Source community. He works as a Web designer & developer, technical writer, and programmer.

  • Been using QOwnNotes which is moving forward at a huge rate (updates daily). It has the advantage that I can use my NextCloud instance to sync the notes across all my machines (including Android phone)…

    • Martins Divine Okoi

      That’s true. QOwnNotes is in steady development and that’s a good thing. And the cloud integration is handy.

  • Edward Nihal

    this ppa doesn’t work on Ubuntu 17.10

    • Martins Divine Okoi

      Mind you, Notes Up is written for Elementary OS users and there is a version for openSUSE. If you run Ubuntu I’m afraid you’ll have to keep trying on different versions to know on which ones it would work.

      OR you can just grab any other of the alternative apps we’ve reviewed here.

      • Edward Nihal

        can you recommend something similar that i can insert pictures?

        • Martins Divine Okoi
          • Edward Nihal

            i tried this app and my question for all Linux programmers is: why can’t you just make something simple, i want to resize picture with mouse but i can’t, why, is that because i’m on linux? i tried few of this kind of app and all work the same, without support for mouse image stretching… i know, i know, this is so hard to develop, right?! I wonder why people won’t go to Linux, because it can’t done simple things but can done complicated things, great!

          • Martins Divine Okoi

            This is one of the problems that haunt the Linux community.
            I’m not a Linux developer myself so I can’t say what the problem is but bruv – I can relate.

          • Martins Divine Okoi