14 Best Photo Editor Apps of 2020

Best Photo Editing Apps
Written by Anusha Saive

What works best to attract someone’s attention in a marketing strategy? Well, photos or visuals offer the best way to attract attention when it comes to marketing.

Similar is the case in digital marketing. Nowadays many people use an online platform to market and sell their products which could be clothes, shoes, bags, electronics and much more.

For effective and promising business activities a requirement of good visuals is a must especially in this era of short attention span where the customers have a wide array of options all over the internet. In such a case photo editors play a vital role in creating the desired visuals with the help of filters and a variety of tools.

Since these photo editors can boost your online business and marketing, therefore, you cannot miss out on these editors. Through this article, we will introduce you to some of the best and quality photo editor apps of 2020.

1. Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom is available for both Android and Apple devices. This app works great with the RAW files and provides various professional editing tools.

This free of cost app offers options such as colour, detail, grain, light, adjust and distortion, etc. for your photos.

Unlock to Adobe Create Cloud for additional features by subscribing to this app which will let you perform selective editing, auto-tag images, and find suitable images, etc.

Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor Android App

Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor Android App

2. Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight Pixaloop app lets you convert your pictures to an animated version while giving you an experience of doing an endless number of things with your photos such as control with anchors, speed selection, fine-tune and add movements with picture effect tools which work based upon artificial intelligence.

This app gives an option to edit photos using precise, easy yet powerful animation tools. So let your pictures speak and come to life with animated reality using Pixaloop!

Enlight Pixaloop - Photo Editor Android App

Enlight Pixaloop – Photo Editor Android App

3. Fotor

Fotor provides a great way of work to both mature and professionals. With Fotor enhance and flourish your photos so that you can get rewarded as well.

Fotor comes with a huge collection of filters, effects and styles like vintage, B&W, and film, etc. It is equipped with customised editing so that you can create a wide range of images.

Additionally, Fotor gets an opportunity to be a part of various weekly photo contests hosted by renowned brands like Ctrip and Uber, etc.

Fotor Photo Editor Android App

Fotor Photo Editor Android App

4. In Shot Photo Editor Pro

In Shot Photo Editor Pro an amazing photo and video editor comes with features like cut & trim videos, add music, text and stickers along with effects like blur and glitch effects to make your videos stand out.

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This powerful editor can ease your work by editing videos for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, etc. with effects, filters, voice addition, volume/music adjustment, and lots more.

InShot Photo Editor Pro - Android App

InShot Photo Editor Pro – Android App

5. LightX

LightX brings you an opportunity to make cutouts, add stickers, blur photos, create cartoons, make backgrounds, add frames, add colours, change colours, merge photos, add text and apply many other effects and filters to your photos.

It comes with many advanced editing tools such as levels, colour mixing, vignette effects and curves, etc. so that your photos get all that you desire for with an array of options to edit the pictures.

LightX - Photo Editor App For Android

LightX – Photo Editor App For Android

6. PhotoDirector

Make your photos look the way you want with PhotoDirector using a wide range of effects, edits, styles, and crops on your photos. The app is featured with many styles, filters, templates, and tools to make your photos look a class apart.

It has some incredible tools to create photo animation, magic brush, blur effects, highlights, instafills, collage makers, and object cloning.

PhotoDirector - Photo Editor App For Android

PhotoDirector – Photo Editor App For Android

7. Photo Effects Pro

Looking for some fun and easy way to turn your photos into the magic? Well, then Photo Effects Pro is one for you! Photo Effects Pro helps you in enhancing and editing your pictures with a number of styles, filters, and effects which are pretty simple to use and apply. So get yourself ready with your photos to be posted on Twitter and Instagram with a large number of stunning effects.

Photo Effects Pro - Android App

Photo Effects Pro – Android App

8. Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab Picture Editor app provides the largest pool of photo effects, housing around 900 effects so far. Turn your pictures into animations and add filters and frames to them to make them look even better.

This app features photo montages, frames, neural art styles, filters, effects, and collages, etc.

Photo Lab Picture Editor - Android App

Photo Lab Picture Editor – Android App

9. PicsArt

PicsArt all in one photo editor will never disappoint you! With PicsArt, get access to impressive effects, filters, collage maker, image library, face-swapping feature, beauty tools, and more.

This app is a choice of more than 1 billion users to turn their pictures into a piece of art. So, flaunt your creativity with PicsArt with the help of some sketches, stickers, and art effects.

PicArt - Photo Editor App For Android

PicArt – Photo Editor App For Android

10. Pixlr

Unleash your photos with creative editing with Pixlr app. This easy to use and free photo editor is filled with all those features which are required to make your pictures speak.

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It lets you make collages, add effects, filters, enhance colour, exposure and brightness, add impact, focal blur, add border, and overlays to your photos.

Pixlr - Photo Editor App For Android

Pixlr – Photo Editor App For Android

11. Snapseed

Snapseed is yet another easy to use and reliable tool when it comes to photo editing. This professional app features a range of options like filters, tools, effects, brushes, and other tools, etc.

It lets you adjust exposure, add colour, details, and contrast to make your picture quality much fine and precise.

Snapseed - Photo Editor App For Android

Snapseed – Photo Editor App For Android

12. Vimage

Take your photos to another level with Vimage photo editing app! This cinemagraph based app gives an option to animate your image with scores of tools like moving filters, effects, overlays, and styles so that your pictures look no less than the living creativity.

This photo editor also lets you export your edited images to social platforms and share with your friends and many Vimage creatives so that you get the needed exposure not only from other photographers but also from the experts.

Vimage - Photo Editor App For Android

Vimage – Photo Editor App For Android

13. PhotoGrid

Photogrid will be your best partner when it comes to photo editing for your social media profile or business. This app is flooded with features like collage maker/templates, layouts, effects, filters and overlays to add more to your pictures along with incredible photo editing features such as resize, crop, rotate, frame, texts, graffiti, backgrounds, borders, and text, etc. so that you convert your image into a powerful image.

PhotoGrid - Photo Editor App For Android

PhotoGrid – Photo Editor App For Android

14. Photo Editor Pro

Your one-stop shop for all photo editing tools. Photo Editor Pro offers great editing features like grids, filters, styles, effects, background, and other editing tools.

This app will let you edit your photos like a pro with more than 60 filters, background changes, blur&glitch effects, photo blender, and retouch options so that your photos get all the likes that it deserves.

Photo Editor Pro - Android App

Photo Editor Pro – Android App


At some point in time or the other, all of us require a photo editor to make our pictures look the better version of what they are. For this to happen we need the help of some best and easy to use photo editors.

We have created this list of some of the best photo editors of 2020 so that you can get an idea to choose the most suitable editor to bring life and add more colours to your photos.


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