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Rapid Photo Download – Import Photos and Videos Reliably and Efficiently

Rapid Photo Downloader for Linux
Written by Martins D. Okoi

Rapid Photo Download (RPD) is an image downloader with which you can rapidly import photos and videos from a connected smartphone and or camera into your workstation. The statement on the app’s website reads that its goal is to be the best photo and video downloader for the Linux Desktop.

It has a simple and intuitive GUI which is easy to navigate with special thanks to its unique Timeline feature which groups photos and videos based on their time difference. This is effective for identifying photos and videos shot during different periods in either a single day or over a period of consecutive days.

Features in Rapid Photo Download

  • FOSS – RPD is free to use and you can contribute to its source code on GitHub.
  • Photo and Video Timeline – match photo and video shoots by adjusting the time elapsed from as little as 5 minutes to up to 24 hours.
  • Desktop Integration – Runs under Unity, Gnome, KDE and other Linux desktops.
  • Multiple Language Support – RPD is available in several languages and is still being translated into others.
  • Task Automation – Set RPD to automatically download and/or delete digital files as soon as you connect a device.
  • Simultaneous Downloads – You can download photos and videos from multiple devices as well as from your computer at the same time and at high speeds.
  • Documentation – RPD has a comprehensive online manual for potential newbies and advanced users alike.
  • Backup Support – Make several copies of image and video files on successful download.
  • Smart and automatic user configurable file and folder names generation.
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You can read about Rapid Photo Downloader’s features in more detail on its websites features page here.

Are you interested in rapid Photo Download? Head over to the download site for the installation instructions specific to your distro by following the button below.

Rapid Photo Download Installation Instructions

If after downloading you want to use its help manual you can refer to its online documentation here.

If you are a photographer in need of an image and/or video download software for your Linux system then Rapid Photo Downloader might just be what you need.

As usual, if you already have one that you use feel free to add it as a suggestion in the comments section below.

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