Shadow Icon Theme – A Beautiful Eye Candy Theme for FOSS Lovers

Shadow Icon Theme for Ubuntu
Written by Martins Okoi

If you like me, you enjoy using User Interfaces that look properly designed, beautiful and well thought out, then today is a good day for you because we have a remarkably nice theme for you – at least in my option. It’s called Shadow.

Shadow Icon Theme is GNOME shell flat icon theme with eye candy (colorful) icons that have a circular base and a long shadow (probably the reason for the name).

At the time of writing, version 2.7 contains approximately 800 apps icons and over 800 system icons.

The icons, which are predominantly duotone in color and circular in shape, implement a mix of flat design, material design, and simplistic 2D glyphs which are even more pronounced thanks to the long drop shadows on the left.


If you like Numix-Circle Icon, Flat-Plat, Paper ThemeEvoPop, and Ultra-Flat-Icons then you will surely like Shadow.

Installation of Shadow Icon Theme

Installation of Shadow Icon Theme is straight forward.

$ cd ~/.icons/
$ git clone

After the installation is complete you can activate Shadow Icon Theme either using the GNOME Tweak Tool or via the command line with the following command:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme "shadow"

Do you like icons inspired by flat, minimal, or material design? What do you think of Shadow Icon Theme? Perhaps you use other icon sets that we haven’t written on before. Feel free to add your icon and theme suggestions in the comments section below.

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