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Solus OS 1.2 is Almost Upon us With Multilib Support and Kernel 4.4.8

Full Solus OS Desktop
Written by Jesse Afolabi

Solus OS is was featured in our top distros to look forward to in 2016 and quite frankly, I’ve been overall pleased with the progress of the operating system.

Ikey Doherty who happens to be the lead dev, debuted version 0.1 towards the end of the year 2015 and later released version 1.1 two months back – both of which are available as pre-compiled ISOs for new installs.

i’ve personally enjoyed the Solus experience for the good part of three months which I must say is pretty solid with the advantage of a rolling release which is something rather uncommon.

Even with Arch you were most likely going to fall into a pit hole of which you’ll be your own sole rescuer. In essence, Josh Strobl of the Solusproject has announced on the Solus website their plans for the release of version 1.2 of the operating system.


This update will feature multilib support, a variety of updated packages, a new release candidate of the Linux 4.4 LTS Kernel which is currently at 4.4.8, improved support for dual-booting Solus with Windows (an issue I experienced continuously during my use of Solus and I mostly fixed with the “sudo update-grub command”), Improved Intel graphics driver support that caused font glitching.

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According to Josh Strobl, “DRI3 has been temporarily disabled in the Intel driver pending an investigation into instances where fonts may glitch. If you have been affected by this issue, please apply updates and inform us whether it resolves said issue. If the update does not resolve this issue, please let us know so we can re-enable DRI3 and further investigate the glitch. Internet points and cookies in advance for all the testers!”.

Even more, Josh has made a detailed video explaining how to package applications for the Solus operating system.

Solus 1.2 should be ready in may and for those of you currently running the OS will simply have to launch your update manager and upgrade away, for those of you looking to try out Solus, you can either grab the current 1.1 ISO or just wait for 1.2.


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