Tablao – The Easiest Way to Create HTML Tables

Written by Divine Okoi

Tablao is a cross-platform table editor with which you can easily create tables in HTML the way you would create tables in Excel.

You no more need to write cumbersome HTML-tags, Markdown- or ASCII tables. But unlike Excel, Tablao creates correct HTML tables without any style information and very easy to use in your own HTML documents.

Features in Tablao

  • Freeware: You can download and use Tablao free of charge and for as long as you want.
  • Open-Source: Tablao is released under the GPL2 license and its source code is available on GitHub.
  • Cross-Platform: Tablao is available for download on Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac desktop platforms.
  • Live preview: View formatted tables with simple styling.
  • Autosave: Your work is automatically saved as soon as you remove focus from the app window.
  • Option to include table headers.
  • Support for other spreadsheet apps – e.g. paste table data from Excel, Numbers, or Libre Office into Tablao.

Mind you, Tablao exports tables without any styling so the tables wouldn’t be exactly as they are on your preview tab. Maybe sometime soon the developer will include the option to leave the preview stylings to your tables, among other features.

Install Tablao in Linux

Tablao is still in an early alpha stage. If you are interested to test tablao, I provide a Download for Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04, that should work on most Linux platforms

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Download Tablao for Ubuntu


If the tar.bz2 file doesn’t work for you then you will need to install Python3 and Qt5 (or higher), Git, and PyQt5 on your machine to get Tablao running.

$ sudo pip3 install hy
$ sudo pip3 install pyqt5
$ git clone

Now, you can start Tablao with the commands:

$ cd tablao/dist
$ python

I seldom need to draw up tables so I’m looking forward to seeing how many of you will give Tablao a try. Don’t forget to come back and share how your experience went with us.


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