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TEA Ebook – A Modern Ebook App for Stylish Readers

TEA Ebook - Linux eBook Reader
Written by Martins D. Okoi

We have reviewed a good number of ebook apps in the past, most of which have been in development for a long time. Today, we bring you a relatively new app to the application market and it goes by the name of TEA Ebook.

TEA Ebook is a free and cross-platform EPUB and PDF reader with which you can browse and read through your entire digital library wherever you are, and without an internet connection.

It boasts just the base customization options any reader will require and that includes the option to read in full-screen mode and increase font sizes. As expected, you can add new EPUB and PDF files to your library at any time. You can also toggle the way your library is displayed using the ‘thumbnails‘ and ‘list‘ icons.

TEA Ebook’s biggest “selling point” is it automatically downloads all your EPUB and non-DRM protected PDF files purchased from any of their partner booksellers; allowing you to find and read digital content even when offline.

Features in TEA Ebook

  • Freeware: You can download and use TEA Ebook free of charge and for as long as you want.
  • Closed-Source: You might not be able to contribute code to TEA Ebook but you can send in your opinion about the app along with suggestions to help the dev team build a better app.
  • Cross-Platform: Tea Ebook is available for download on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.
  • An online FAQ and Guide section.
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Remember that TEA Ebook is a “baby app” and the developers have open ears to whatever your opinions about the app, and development suggestions might be.

Download TEA Ebook for Linux

Once the installation is complete, connect your customer account to one of your partners and begin reading. Remember to refer to the FAQs section if you need any help with the setup.

What do you think about TEA Ebook? Is it your cup of tea? Pen your thoughts in the comments section below.


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