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Terminus – A Cross-Platform Modern and Configurable Terminal

Written by Martins D. Okoi

About 4 months ago I told you guys about a stylistic and minimal design-oriented terminal alternative application that could be customized thoroughly – Hyper.

I thought of it as one of the next big things for Terminal apps and today, I am here to add to that list by as I introduce a contender to you. It’s called Terminus.

Terminus, tagged by the developers as “a terminal for a more modern age“, is a stylistic and completely configurable cross-platform terminal app built with a focus on beauty, simplicity, and efficiency.

With it, you can easily work with tabs (which the app will remember to keep open even after you restart it), Unicode and double-width characters, themes, and URLs using drag and drop.

Terminus Terminal

Terminus Terminal

Terminus Terminal Settings

Terminus Terminal Settings

Features in Terminus

  • FOSS – Terminus is free to use and download, and it is open-source; you have free access to its source code.
  • Beautiful – One of Terminus’ coolest features is its approach to minimal design.
  • Smart Workflow – Terminus is optimized for quick power users with features like spawn with a global hotkey, tabs that persist after restart, full Unicode and double-width character support, and auto-dock to any side of any screen.
  • Extensible – extend virtually all of Terminus’ functionality with various plugins from the NPM repository – or better still, create yours using Typescript and Angular framework.
  • Customizable – Take advantage of the several themes made freely available by the open-source community.
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As usual, to know more about Terminus’ workings and level of reliability you will just have to download the app and give it a test run yourself.

At the time of writing, Terminus is in Alpha stage. And although I didn’t experience any bugs when I tried it you might experience some. Of course, you are free to help by making reports if you come across any.

With that being said, it should be safe enough for you to download it.

Download Terminus for Linux

What do you think about Terminus? try it out and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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