Velt OS is an Arch-Based Distro That Adheres to Google’s Material Design

Google’s Material design language has been the inspiration for more than a few projects out there and the ideology behind the design is nothing short of awesome and it’s matured greatly over the years from the Lollipop era.

Material design continues to be featured in Google’s Mobile operating system which is Android and its Chrome OS on the desktop.

However, there are other products outside Google’s that have have been built to adhere to Google’s Material principle and one such is VeltOS by Velt technologies.

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VeltOS is an operating system built around a vibrant community of enthusiasts who determine what and whatnot is featured in the OS as elaborated in their concept of Pure FOSS, “Traditional FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) is almost always developed by a small group of developers in relation to the user base. If a non-coding user would like to make a change, they could possibly submit a suggestion to the developers, but it is up to the developers if this feature will be implemented.”….read more.

VOS is an Arch-based operating system that kicked off in the later part of last year featuring the Solus Budgie desktop environment as a base for its community to decide where to take it from there.

VeltOS with a tweaked version of Budgie was their TP1 release and that was some seven months ago, TP2 however, made its debut on the 21st of March and it brought about major changes including a brand new desktop environment dubbed Graphene.

VeltOS is still under heavy development and despite its new Graphene DE, there’s isn’t so much to show for it just yet and we’ll have to wait till TP3 (which is expected in June) to know how many more features will be incorporated in VOS altogether and that, of course, depends entirely on its community via a voting system on their website.

Graphene in its current state, however, has a side panel, an app menu with a search bar, and for aesthetics, we have Hewitt’s paper theme/icons as the default.

Below is an overview of VeltOS’ TP2  release.

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