Poll: What is The Best Material Designed Theme/Icons on Linux?

Material Inspired Ubuntu Icon Themes
Written by Jesse Afolabi

Recently we reviewed 6 material-inspired themes/icons for your Linux desktop, after which we covered nana-4/plat theme which is an optional Material inspired theme.

I Particularly like Flatabulous and Adapta best — both of these themes work great with Unity and several other desktop environments; i haven’t however, tried every material theme or icons set out there, so it’d be exciting to discover even more options.

While there are potentially more Themes and icons with Material goodness, we’ll be only including those we feel are best of the best so you may vote away.

If you, however, know of a theme that we potentially haven’t discovered yet, you may bring it to our notice in the comments or even better, submit it as a tip.


It’s understandable if you don’t necessarily like Material themes; i wouldn’t hold that against you. I’ll be having a list of other popular themes from different genres for you to choose from in the nearer future, so be sure to keep it tuned!

Also, if on the other hand, you’re hyped about material goodness like me, and there’s a favorite of yours that didn’t make this list or if for any reason whatsoever that you may not necessarily agree with the options in this poll, kindly let us know why, your favorite, suggestions, and opinions in the comments below.

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