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IG:dm – A Desktop Client for Sending Instagram Direct Messages

Sending Instagram Direct Messages
Written by Divine Okoi

Not too long ago we released an article on an unofficial Instagram desktop app for Linux, Ramme. Awesome app; except that you are still limited to sending direct messages with your phone’s Instagramm app. Today, we bring good news to you in the form of IG:dm.

IG:dm is a free, unofficial Instagram desktop client with which you can send direct Instagram messages from your desktop.

It features a UI reminiscent of the Instagram app on a Tablet and mirrors Facebook’s app presentation in the sense that just like the main Facebook mobile app, IG:dm is the unofficial messenger-like app for Instagram.

Sending Instagram Direct Messages


You should note that IG:dm is neither affiliated with Instagram nor is it open-source.

Features in IG:dm

  • Free to download on GNU/Linux, Windows, and macOS.
  • Closed-Source: IG:dm is not open-source.
  • Search, follow and unfollow users.
  • Send direct messages to users.
  • View all the users who don’t follow you back.
  • Quote chat messages
  • Supports viewing chat images in full.

IG:dm offers a smooth user experience but, as at the time of writing, it doesn’t have any customization features. Who needs those, though? Isn’t the plan to send direct Instagram messages and be done with it?

You can only tell after you’ve tested it yourself.

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Download IG:dm for Linux

Are you excited that IG:dm is around to help perfect the Instagram experience on desktop? Drop any similar applications you know of in the comments section.

In the meantime, give IG:dm a try and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Many thanks to Shadowone for suggesting the app to us after our article on Ramme.


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