Arc Menu – An Alternative App Launcher for GNOME Shell

Arc Menu Launcher for GNOME
Written by Martins Okoi

Arc Menu is an alternative menu application based on the app menu in Zorin OS which is reminiscent of Windows 7 app launcher menu, designed to replace the default ‘Activities‘ button in system tray with the traditional ‘Start Menu’ icon and launcher.

Features in Arc Menu

  • Quick access to local folders in the menu sidebar, system settings, current logged on user.
  • Browse apps by category (which is automatically set for you).
  • Search for apps by entering their name.
  • Button icons for session options (i.e. shut down, log out, lock, etc).
  • Customizable with themes.

As at the time of writing, a main issue Arc Menu is suffering from is its inability to bind to the ‘Super‘ key/button. Let’s hope, for all the Arc Menu users, that this issue will be fixed soon.

LinxGem33, the developer of Arc Menu, has said, he will move on to add new features to the extension once he is done ironing out the bugs present in this first release.

As it is with all other GNOME extensions, all you need to do get install Arc Menu is to dash to GNOME’s extensions website and activate the switch to install.


Use the link below and accept the installation confirmation prompt when it pops up.

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One Click Install Arc Menu

Log out and back into your workstation after the installation is complete otherwise you might not see Arc among the extension options in GNOME tweak tool.

Do you like Arc Menu for GNOME or are you already satisfied with your current app menu? Perhaps you like GNOME’s default fullscreen app launcher. Let us know in the comments section below.


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