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10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2019

Best WordPress Popup Plugins
Written by Anusha Saive

Do you often come across websites that have annoying pop-ups? What do you generally do? Well, oftentimes, an annoying pop-up makes us not only close the pop-up but even the website! As a website owner, you must consider what kind of pop-up will attract a website visitor and make him/her subscribe to your email list.

You might have invested a lot on your website but a basic pop-up can turn off your visitor’s interest in your service. On the other hand, even a dull website with an interesting email subscription popup plugins can successfully increase your conversion rate.

In this article, we will be discussing the top 10 WordPress Popup Plugin in 2019 which can help you grow your email list exponentially!

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Please also note that some pop-up plugins are built-in WordPress tools that can directly be installed from the WordPress dashboard, while others would need your WordPress site to be connected to the specific apps.

Let us check out the best available:

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best WordPress plugin available in the market currently. It is a standalone product, implying that it can be used on multiple platforms like HTML site, WordPress and so on.

OptinMonster is an easy pop-up builder, where you can either choose from the templates available for can build your own with an easy drag and drop form builder.

The best part about OptinMonster is that it targets the audience based on the time they spent on the website and also by their actions on the website page. It also promises to convert the abandoning website visitors by its “Exit-Intent” technology.

Optinmonster Email Popup

Optinmonster Email Popup

2. Bloom

Bloom comes with a lot of pre-made templates for you to choose from. So, if you are somebody who would not want to make a form from scratch, Bloom can be your choice. It also allows you to create pop-up forms directly through your WordPress dashboard, making it faster and quicker for you.

The Bloom dashboard can get integrated with your WordPress dashboard and can get you information regarding your conversion rate, optins, bloom account, and so on.

Bloom Pop Up Plugin

Bloom Pop Up Plugin

3. Elementor Pro

If you are somebody who prefers keeping things unique, Elementor Pro is the best pop-up plugin available for you. It is an add-on feature of “Elementor” and it gives you full control over your pop-ups.

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You can choose from different popup types which include Slide-ins, Fly-ins, Bottom notification bars, and so on. It also gives you the provision to use targeting rules to target your page visitor based on his/her activity on your website page.

This is not all! Elementor Pro also lets you set the trigger which will enable the pop-up. For instance, you can choose the popup to appear when a page visitor clicks or scrolls or does nothing.

Elementor Pro Popup

Elementor Pro Popup

4. Sumo

If you have just started and are happy with limited features then Sumo can be an option. The premium version, however, offers a vast array of features that include pre-built templates, making customized pop-up based on your website traffic source, and even analytical features like scroll box and heat map. Although Sumo integrates with your WordPress site, you will have to visit their website to design your personalized campaigns.

Sumo Pop Up Plugin

Sumo Pop Up Plugin

5. ConvertPlus

With ConvertPlus you can set targeting rules and various triggering options. You can also optimize your popups with the built-in A/B testing feature. The best part about ConvertPlus is that its pre-built templates are really good and they often do not need any customizations as compared to the offering of other popup plugins.

You can also create a popup for different uses like for email subscriptions, promotions, integration with your social networking sites and so on.

ConvertPlug Popup

ConvertPlug Popup

6. Thrive Leads

ThriveLeads, a product of Thrivethemes, comes with a simple drag and drop editor to customize your forms. It offers various targeting options and has A/B testing engine and analytics to help you monitor your website’s performance.

Along with the popup plugin, it offers a lot of add-ons like ThriveBox (PopUp Lightbox), “Sticky” Ribbon, In-Line Forms, 2-Step Opt-in Form, Slide-In, Opt-in Widget, Screen-Filler Overlay, Content Lock, and many more. It claims to have over 89,000 users.



7. Layered Popups

Whether you are looking for an eye-catching pre-built popup or for options to make one yourself, Layered Popup can be one of your choices as a popup plugin for your WordPress site. It is PageSpeed optimized, implying that it doesn’t slow down your website, unlike other regular popup plugins. Layered Popup gives you the provision to create multi-layered animated popups which can again be integrated with your choice of triggering options and targeting rules.

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With Layered Popup plugin, you can create unlimited A/B testing campaigns and can get statistics for each popup. It is also compatible with over 50 Email marketing systems, making it easier for you to integrate your website.

Layered Popups

Layered Popups

8. Popup Maker

If you are looking for different kinds of popup like lightbox popup, sticky popup, slide-in popup, and more, then Popup Maker can be another plugin option for you. It currently has over 4 lakh users and currently stands at a rating of 4.9/5. This is what made us include it in our list.

Its features include Visual theme builder, Precision user targeting, Premium Extensions, Multiple Trigger types, Mobile responsive popups and so on. The Close delay feature – which allows you to hide the close button of a popup for a specified time, is commendable.

Popup Maker

Popup Maker

9. Icegram

Icegram WordPress plugin is one of those plugins that offer an array of features for your WordPress site. Its services are mainly divided into three categories – Icegram Engage (to engage your website visitors through lead magnets, full-screen overlays, messenger prompts, notifications, and so on), Email Subscribers (to get more people sign –in to your email list through welcome emails, blog post notifications) and Rainmaker (for beautiful forms for newsletter subscription, contact us page, and so on).

Unlike “Sumo”, with Icegram, there’s no traffic limit, which enables you to grow our email list irrespective of your website traffic.



10. Popup Builder

With Popup Builder, you can add unlimited popups on your website with different themes, animations, and custom options. It also allows you to enable popup notification sound to alert your website visitors.

The best part about Popup builder is that it has tons of features to offer to even a free user! It is WPML compatible which enables the website owner to add popups in any preferred language. It also has the drag and drop feature and it works great with multiple sites too.

Popup Builder

Popup Builder

We hope this article helped you choose the best popup plugin for your WordPress site. Please do comment below with your choice among the rest.

In case you feel we missed out something, do fill-up the form below for us to improve. Till then, let’s note down the best popups you have come across in the comment section below!

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