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Boostnote – A Note Taking and Markdown Editor Made for Coders

Boostnote - Note Taking Editor for Programmers
Written by Martins D. Okoi

Boostnote is an Open Source Markdown note-taking editor app designed for programmers. Of course, non-programmers can use it without issue and take advantage of all its modern features which include full Markdown (with live preview) and Latex support.

Boostnote Startup

Boostnote Startup

Boostnote Light Theme

Boostnote Light Theme

Boostnote Dark Theme

Boostnote Dark Theme

The Editor saves automatically as you type so you never have to worry about losing your data.

Features in Boostnote

  • Beautiful Minimal Design: Boostnote has a consistent beautiful design indeed with color themes that are soothing to the eyes and a well thought-out typeface.
  • No Internet Required: Do all your note-taking and editing without an internet connection.
  • Full Markdown Support with Live Preview: Take your notes and watch them styled in real time.
  • Full LaTeX Support: That’s right! Use $$ and $$$ to get some equations nicely displayed.
  • Cross-platform and FOSS: It’s free, Open Source, and available to download for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Snippet Note: Keep your notes snippets within the app just like in Gist.
  • Finder Popup: Search for notes from anywhere within the app just like using Apple’s spotlight search.
  • Tag Support: Use tags to smartly categorize your notes and enhance metadata indexing.
  • Syntax highlighting: Boostnote supports syntax highlighting for over 100 languages including HTML, Python, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Theme Support: Find available theme in the Settings > UI section and choose a color scheme that appeals to you.
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Apart from the above-listed features, you can use hotkeys to quickly navigate through the app and search for notes among other quick actions. The tab or spacebars can be customized to your taste and you can export notes as either plain text (.txt) or markdown (.md).

Right now Boostnote supports only 64-bit systems on both Windows and Linux. If your system meets that criteria then my advice is that you go ahead and grab it.

Download Boostnote for Linux

If you’re an Arch user then you can download Boostnote using AUR.

Boostnote has a version for teams that is not available yet. If you are interested in, you can register your email to be notified of when its available.

What do you think about Boostnote? Give it a test run and don’t forget to come back to comment on your experience with us.

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