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Coffee – A News and Weather App for Linux

Coffee News and Weather App for Linux
Written by Martins Okoi

There’s a new weather app in town and it does more than just tell the weather. Apart from being beautiful, it tells the news too and so far there are 8 different sources to choose from!

Coffee is a recent open source project with which you can keep yourself up to date with both news feeds from around the world and the weather.

It features a minimalist User Interface with a well-thought-out icon set and color scheme. The weather section is neatly separated from the news feed section and the settings panel is simple and intuitive enough to require no formal training.

Its sources for news feeds are provided by News API and they include Google, BBC News, and BBC Sport. As an interested user, you can request for more news sources to be added and they will.


The detailed weather forecasts are provided by DarkSky.

Features in Coffee

  • FOSS: Coffee is free to download and use. And it is open source with its code available on GitHub.
  • Select news picks from 8 different sources around the web.
  • Automatic location detection for accurate weather reports.
  • Detailed 5 days weather forecast.
  • Beautiful daily weather summary.

Coffee’s User Interface is one of the best I have seen among many weather applications for Linux with. The only other app I can think of right now when I talk about beauty is Temps. But Temps doesn’t double as a news app.

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So if you’re looking for both a beautiful weather and news app combined into one, Coffee is your guy.

Install it on Ubuntu and its derivatives by running the following commands on the terminal.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:coffee-team/coffee 
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install

Which weather apps do you use right now and will they be replaced by Coffee? why or why not? Share your thoughts and app suggestions (if any) with us in the comments section.


About the author

Martins Okoi

Martins Divine Okoi is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for Linux and Open Source software. He is studying again for an MSc in Cybersecurity but still makes time to write about the best software the market has to offer.