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Everdo – A Todo List and Getting Things Done App for Linux

Everdo Todo List App for Linux
Written by Divine Okoi

Everdo is a modern and beautifully-designed Electron-based task management application with which you can keep track of your work using tags, project folders, smart filters, and schedules. It doesn’t need a cloud account to work so your data will remain save on your PC.

Everdo features a modern and minimalist User Interface with an extremely clean, clutter-less, and uniform design in order to enhance speedy and distraction-free productivity.

Its aim is to relieve you of having to remember all the tasks you need to do by organizing them intuitively. It is built with GTD in mind to help users to complete their important tasks without skipping any as users are able to clear up their mind and organize stuff into an inbox, organize work tasks with tags, projects, and context-based tasks.

If you’re not familiar with GTD, it stands for Getting Things Done – a time management method created by David Allen, a  productivity consultant as described in his book, Getting Things Done.


You should know that Everdo is currently in beta stage but sooner or later the release version should be available for everyone to download and use.

Check out a Demo of Everdo.

Everdo Todo List App

Everdo Todo List App

Features in Everdo

  • Free with Pro Version: Everdo is free for everyone to download and use.
  • Cross-Platform: All Windows, Linux, and Mac users can enjoy the coolness of Everdo.
  • Roadmap: See how far Everdo has come with regards to their publicly set goals and mission statements here.
  • A blog for users to stay abreast of Everdo’s update releases and announcements here.
  • An online forum for tips and engaging discussions here.
  • A privacy-focused philosophy.
  • Use tags and context to keep your tasks organized.
  • Focus on certain tasks by marking them as higher priority tasks.
  • Set tasks reminders using the scheduling feature.
  • Set one or more checklists to actions and projects.
  • Capture and store data that are not actions but serve as reference items.
  • Separate work-related tasks from other tasks types using the AREAS features.
  • Import to-do lists from other productivity apps.
  • The option to export your Everdo data in a variety of formats.
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Everdo is not open-source but that shouldn’t stop you from downloading its latest beta version for your OS platform to try out its features for yourself.

Download Everdo for Linux

Everdo Pro

If you feel like you would rather have an extended model of Everdo after testing the free version you can opt to shell out €69.99 for Everdo Pro. This version will provide you with unlimited projects, unlimited areas, and unlimited notebooks.

Download Everdo Pro for Linux

There are no subscription fees and so it is a one-time fee to unlock Everdo Pro on Windows, Linux, and Mac forever.

Do you have any thoughts on Everdo? How high do you rate this task management app and do you know alternatives that can compete with its delivery? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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