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Focusli – Play Nature Sounds from the GNOME Shell

Focusli – Play Nature Sounds in Ubuntu
Written by Divine Okoi

Just recently, wrote about ANoise, an ambient sound application to help you relax and concentrate better with ambient noise playing in the background. Today, we bring you another such app – Focusli.

Focusli is a GNOME Shell applet that plays sounds of nature right from your menu bar. This simple ambient noise applet is designed to be responsive with simple icons and a themeable UI.

Click on its icon in your menu bar to get a dropdown to play any of the available nature sounds by selecting their corresponding icons. For example, people for a coffee shop, and rain for rain sounds. Use the volume slider below each icon to adjust its noise level without going through your system’s main audio.

Focusli Menu

Focusli Menu

Focusli also allows you to play multiple sounds at a time, thereby allowing you to come out with your unique ambient noise configurations to suite your ears.


Unlike some ambient noise players out there, Focusli allows you to add as many custom sounds as you would like to play by editing the ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected]/sounds/database.json file.

See Focusli in action in the video below:

Features in Focusli

  • Minimal design UI.
  • 6 Unique nature sounds: Rain, Wind, Summer Night, Coffee Ship, Camp Fire, and Whitenoise.
  • Layer multiple sounds for custom noise settings.
  • Add custom sounds to tracks.
  • Play nature sounds while offline.
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Download Focusli from GNOME Extensions

What do you think about Focusli and how does it compare to other ambient noise apps and applets for you? Download it if it’s what you’re looking for and don’t forget to share your comments and suggestions on similar apps in the comments section below.


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