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FontBase – A Beautiful Font Manager for Designers

FontBase Font Manager for Linux
Written by Martins D. Okoi

FontBase is a cross-platform font manager with a beautifully designed UI and a well-organized panel layout. It is free and just as fast, stable, and reliable as several paid apps in its category.

FontBase boasts a responsive app window with a properly contrasted background which in turn makes fonts stand out nice and shiny. It has 3 main panels: Organize, where you can find the fonts installed on your system, your favorite fonts, and your collections.

You can also drag and drop font folders into this panel; Collect, where you can discover and install Google (and other fonts) with one click; and Discover, from where you can get notifications of new fonts that have become available online for download.

Thanks to FontBases auto sync feature, you never have to worry about the changes you make to your font collection. Also, activating multiple fonts is a breeze – just throw all your prefeered typefaces in a folder, add them to your Organize panel and then activate all of them at once.

Features in FontBase

  • Beautiful UI – FontBase offers an eye candy UI with a beautiful minimal design-inspired theme.
  • Cross-platform – enjoy app consistency whether you’re working on Linux, Mac, or Windows.
  • Collections – organize your fonts into groups for easier access.
  • One-click Activation – activate as many fonts as you want from one folder with a single click.
  • Nested Folders – organize your fonts several layers.
  • AutoSync – never worry about losing any changes you make to your font collections.
  • Epic Performance – enjoy FontBase’s swift autosync and response features.
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Apparently, because FontBase is still in development stage the Collect and Discover panels are “coming soon”. I don’t know about you, but once it is fully functional it will become my primary font manager app.

Download FontBase for Linux

What do you think about FontBase? Is it worth adding to your collection of Productivity Apps for Linux Designers? Air your views in the comments section below.

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About the author

Martins D. Okoi

Martins Jr. (Dillivine) Okoi is a graduate of Computer Science with a passion for Linux and the Open Source community. He works as a Web designer & developer, technical writer, and programmer.

  • Jay Hopkins

    This is awesome good share, have you ever tried Typecatcher? It’s a native app for Linux, deals with Google’s hosted fonts, lets you download them too, pretty useful.

    • Thanks. Don’t forget to recommend and share 😉

      No. I’ve not used Typecatcher but thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look it up.
      Is it limited to Google fonts alone?

  • Robert English

    Sounds and looks good, but: CAN YOU DELETE FONTS WITH IT IN LINUX!!!!!!! A lot of people want this feature more than anything, because there are a few places fonts can be (and are) stored, and file manager previews are not good enough to see them well.

    It seems like no font manager can: “font-manager” can’t, KDE’s “font Manager” can’t (looks like a cripled remake of font-manager), “font matrix”; nope, and “fonty python” could, but it’s a goner now…

    • Martins Divine Okoi

      I have been keeping an eye out to see the next major updates that Fontbase will receive but development seems to be coming really slowly. As a matter of fact, I’m considering uninstalling it.

      • Robert English

        Well You can use it at least until it can’t keep up with the rest of your OS and breaks. It’s not like font matrix has seen an update in a year or more, font-manager only manages to confuse people, and has had no added features or improvements in years, and KDE’s version of it has a few things that were good and working stripped out!

        It’s enough to give you regression depression,
        and no shrink head session can lessen the aggression!

        • Martins Divine Okoi

          True. I agree with you. I’m not even sure Font Manager is still in development because nobody has said anything about the project since. I’ve uninstalled it because it was just taking up space.