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Is FreeBSD faster than Linux?

FreeBSD Faster Than Linux
Written by Divine Okoi

FreeBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like OS that powers desktops, servers, and embedded platforms. Unlike Linux, which refers to the kernel combined with GNU to form GNU/Linux, the Operating System, FreeBSD is a complete OS with its own kernel and a focus on stability and speed, among other features.

It is not true that FreeBSD is used on only servers and there are a variety of valid reasons why users argue that it does a better job in general than Linux so you might just give it a try. Both are stable and provide an efficient working environment.

However, the general consensus is that nearly all applications run faster on Linux than FreeBSD, but FreeBSD’s TCP/IP stack has way less latency (faster response time) than Linux. This is reportedly the reason why Netflix streams its shows on FreeBSD and even pay some of its engineers to contribute to its kernel codebase.

According to this report, online apps and services run faster on FreeBSD and desktop apps run faster on Linux. So, a question of which is faster depends on the domain in which you’re comparing them; since they have advantages and disadvantages over each other.


Choosing a speeder distro depends on which tasks you want to undertake.

FreeBSD is better suited than Linux when it comes to network tasks like streaming media, serving web pages, and using web applications so it is the ideal pick if you’ll be running a server.

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Linux is better suited than FreeBSD when it comes to general application efficiency, graphics & driver support, and overall aesthetics so it is the ideal pick if you’ll be running a desktop.

What is your take on the topic? Which OS has been speedier in your experience? Drop your comments in the comments section below.


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