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Justmd – A Lightweight Cross-Platform Markdown Editor

Justmd Markdown Editor for Linux
Written by Martins D. Okoi

We have written on a couple of Markdown editors so far but not on this one, and I don’t think you have heard about it yet because it is pretty much a new project so read on.

Justmd is a simple, lightweight, cross-platform, and electron-based application with a focus on creating and managing smart documents. Its best features include its live preview mode which comes along with synchronized scrolling as well as smart copying and pasting of images, words and HTML.

I suppose its name stands for “Just Markdown” because that is virtually the only feature the app supports (apart from plain text, of course).

Justmd Markdown Editor

Justmd Markdown Editor

Features in Justmd

  • Freeware: Justmd is free for everyone to download and use.
  • Cross-Platform: All Windows, Linux, and Mac users can enjoy the coolness of Justmd.
  • A minimalist and intuitive User Interface.
  • Synchronized scrolling.
  • Copy and paste HTML.
  • Copy and paste images.
  • Copy and paste text directly into markdown editor.
  • Support for UML/flowchart.
  • Support for Tex math support.
  • Export notes to HTML.
  • Export notes to PDF.
  • An optimized performance for handling large files.

Since the aim of this project seems to be just for users interested in creating and editing Markdown text, I wouldn’t be held by my collar if I am not hopeful of a whole range of features that are out of the box. At best, what users will get might be performance and UI improvements.

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But hey, if writing just Markdowm is what you need to be able to do then by all means hit the download button below.

Download Justmd for Linux

When your download is complete just unzip the package and run justmd. Don’t forget to give us feedback on your experience with the app after you use it.

Do you have suggestions you want to make? Perhaps you want us to review an app or two that you’re trying to pick from. The comments section is always open to your comments, feedback, and proposals.

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About the author

Martins D. Okoi

Martins Jr. (Dillivine) Okoi is a graduate of Computer Science with a passion for Linux and the Open Source community. He works as a Web designer & developer, technical writer, and programmer.

  • Tractorman2011

    >> Freeware: Justmd is free for everyone to download and use.

    Is it truly “freeware” and not GPL or MIT or BSD one of the other licenses? Public domain? I didn’t find a license or copyright notice on their website.

    • Martins Divine Okoi

      Neither did I, so I don’t know what license it is released under.
      If it’s really important to know you can email the developer at “[email protected]

      • Tractorman2011

        You might want to look at licenses–what they allow you to do and what they prohibit. Not knowing this can get you in trouble. The rights to software not released with a stated license remain with the author. If you look like you have money–or even if you don’t–and you look like you’re using the software, the author could sue you for royalties. Reality is you don’t have permission to use the software. (bad oversimplification) There is enough information online about software licenses you might want to look at them and maybe suggest some guidelines for your readers.

        • Martins Divine Okoi

          I get your drift. And I agree with you.
          But the developer hasn’t let us in on the license type. All I know is that he made the links accessible for anybody to download and activated a comments section to receive questions and remarks.

          So although in a particular type of situation an author can sue, this one can’t.

          Notice that I didn’t say the program is open-source. It’s just available for free download and use from the internet. I think the permission to use it is the fact that it is easily available online.