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KDE Neon 5.7 is Released – Find Out What’s New and Install

Written by Jesse Afolabi

News on the latest iteration of KDE’s Plasma DE has started to make its rounds on the internet and as you might have guessed it, it’s 5.7. Like with every new software update are features and functionalities that were missing in a previously released version.

However, with KDE Plasma 5.7 comes mainly minor tweaks to characteristics of the GUI that were already present in older versions of the desktop environment including features – like the Calender agenda – that have now been brought back.

You can watch the video below to get a better overview of what’s new and improved in KDE Plasma 5.7.

Tasting KDE Plasma 5.7 firsthand


For those of you are in interested in getting your hands on the latest version of Plasma, KDE Neon is the fastest means through which you can achieve that. Otherwise, you’d have to wait for it to hit the repos which won’t be until a few days from now.

In today’s announcement, ex-Kubuntu Leader, Jonathan Riddell stated, “When version numbers merge to a singularity we reach the perfection that is KDE neon 5.7. Featuring the newly released Qt 5.7 and the freshly built KDE Plasma 5.7,”

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As you might know, KDE Neon is available in both the User and Dev editions both of which are currently available to download on the official KDE Neon website.

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The Plasma desktop in the User edition is currently at version 5.6 and you can update to the latest version 5.7 that is if you already have it running on your system; otherwise, go ahead and hit that download button to get a fresh release of KDE Neon.

Download KDE Neon

Conclusively, if you so care for changelogs, you can find the details here and also, for those of you on Kubuntu 16.04 you can be on the lookout on the Kubuntu Backports PPA to learn when KDE 5.7 is available.


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