Latte Dock – An Elegant and Intuitive Dock for Your Tasks and Plasmoids

Latte Dock for KDE Plasma
Written by Divine Okoi

Latte Dock is arguably the best dock app for KDE Plasma especially since the release of its stable version 0.6 in April.

It is based on plasma frameworks, that working together to provide users with an elegant and intuitive experience while going about their everyday PC tasks.

Latte Dock is unlike some dock apps in the market in the sense that it lets you replace your desktop panels completely. You can use it to run multiple docks on one screen, mimic several panel layouts including that of Unity and Plasma, set animation styles especially using its parabolic zoom effects, and organize Plasmoids.

Latte Dock

Latte Dock

Latte Dock Settings

Latte Dock Settings

Features in Latte Dock

To know latte’s feature set you need to use it yourself.

  • FOSS – Latte is free and open-source so you are welcome to contribute to it on GitHub code wise.
  • Auto-hide – make Latte Dock visible only when you need to see it.
  • Customizability – Latte works well with a host of themes and typefaces.
  • Configurability – Latte Dock allows you to apply up to 5 visibility modes, add transparency & blur effects, zoom effects on mouse-over, and set colors, fonts, e.t.c., among others.
  • Multi-Monitor Support – Latte works just fine working with several monitors.
  How to Install Latest KDE Plasma on Ubuntu 18.04

To run Latte Dock it is required that you have at least Plasma 5.9.0 installed. To install it all you need to do is add its PPA to your repo using the command below:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rikmills/latte-dock
$ sudo apt update 
$ sudo apt install latte-dock

When Latte is done installing you can run it by executing latte-dock in a new terminal window or launching it from your applications menu.

Do you use KDE Plasma or have you used it before? Is there a dock app better than Latte? Share your opinions in the comments box below.


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