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Lyrics – Display Synchronized Song Lyrics on Media Players

Show Song Lyrics in Linux Desktop
Written by Divine Okoi

Every music lover likes to be able to access the lyrics of the songs they play because they would want to learn the words, sing along, or just clarify some phrases. Last time, I wrote about MusixMatch and Instant Lyrics, and today I’m introducing a nice alternative that goes by the simple name of Lyrics.

Lyrics is a free open source lightweight floating application that displays lyrics of any media player that supports MPRIS-2. It is able to display the lyrics of any song you’re listening to by querying the track’s details using the MPRIS protocol, searching for and downloading its lyric file after which it displays the lyrics in a synced auto-scrolling mode.

Lyrics features a simple UI with the options for using night mode and setting your theme and you can use it with YouTube in any Chromium-based browser that has the browser-playerctl extension installed.

Features in Lyrics

  • Free and Open source app with code available on GitHub.
  • Simple, clutter-free interface.
  • Transparent UI option.
  • Music control buttons.
  • Night mode option.
  • Automatic synchronization and scrolling.
  • Works with YouTube in any Chromium-based browser with the browser-playerctl extension.

Lyrics requires the Python library, lyricsources, to work, so make sure it is installed in your system. You could build Lyrics from source using the guide in its Git repo but it’s easier to grab the .deb package from here or better still, install its Flatpak version.

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Download Lyrics from FlatHub


A known issue in Lyrics is its inability to sync with the Spotify apps with free accounts so the lyrics will always begin from the top. Other than that, Lyrics works perfectly.

How satisfactory is Lyrics compared to MusixMatch or Instant Lyrics? Is there an alternative I should check out? Share your thoughts with us below.


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