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MComix – A Versatile GTK+ Comic Book Reader for Linux

MComix Comic Book Reader
Written by Divine Okoi

You must already know Peruse by now, a lightweight comic reader for Linux desktops. Another one is Bookworm, which is both an Ebook reader and manager. Today, I introduce to you another cool comic book reader (probably even cooler) and it goes by the name of MComix.

MComix is a user-friendly, cross-platform and customizable Ebook reader specifically designed to handle comic books. Being a fork of Comix, it can serve as a generic viewer and also supports a variety of container formats including CB7, CBT, and PDF, among others.

Features in MComix

  • FOSS – free to download and use; Open source with its source code available on SourceForge.
  • Comprehensive online documentation here.
  • Display modes: Fullscreen; double page; Fit image to window width, height or both.
  • Supports bookmarks.
  • Contains library.
  • Supports Manga mode (comics that read from right-to-left).
  • Supports fast scrolling (using the spacebar).
  • Contains an image enhancer with options to transform images by rotating or flipping.
  • Remembers the last viewed page.
  • Customizable Interface: hide any toolbar, change background colors, e.t.c.

The aim of MComix is to improve on all the features supported in Comix and add a lot more so I can’t list all of them here. You will just have to download the app and try it out yourself.

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Download MComix for Linux

What do you think about MComix? If you once used Comix then you will probably agree with me that it is a worthy alternative.


What do you think about it in relation to other comic readers you know? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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