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MU Music Player – A Player That Remembers All Your Music

MU Linux Music Player
Written by Martins D. Okoi

Mu is a Linux music player designed with the aim to provide users with the best music listening experience possible.

It has a dark UI by default and support for a handful of media file formats including WAV, WMA, FLAC, and AAC. It is based on a number of open-source projects, and μ itself is open-source cross-platform application for media file managing.

Stylishly written as the greek letter “μ” (pronounced “Mu“), the development team proclaim that they are μ’sic forever. I perceive the project is driven by a passion for music, therefore.

Mu has a dark-themed UI with tabs underneath the main header tab to indicate Songs, Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlist. It uses a drag and drop feature to add new files to the player which will have to be deleted from the player if you want them cleared.

MU - Music Player and Manager

MU – Music Player and Manager

MU - Song Lyrics Download

MU – Song Lyrics Download

It automatically downloads and shows lyrics while music is playing and no, there’s no option to disable lyrics display.

Features in Mu Music Player

  • Mu is FOSS and free to download for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • A clean dark theme UI
  • Option to download song lyrics when online
  • Responsive file searching
  • Support for various music formats including WAV, M4A, and AIFF
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Left to me, if Mu intends to compete with the many other more known music player applications in the community then it will need to up its game. Sure, it might appeal to a number of users right now, but I refuse to believe that the music player wouldn’t be able to work without drinking so much of its host system’s CPU (up to 90%!)

If you’ll like to give Mu a test-run to experience, my points first-hand you can download it and share your approval rating with us in the comments section below.

Download Mu Music Player for Linux

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