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NATTT – A Modern Multi-Platform Time Conscious Tracker App

NATT Time Tracking App
Written by Martins Okoi

It’s not that there aren’t already a lot of time tracker apps but my conscience wouldn’t let me sleep if I didn’t tell you about NATTT. So grab your cup of whatever you’re probably drinking as we delve into this app a little.

NATTT is an acronym for “Not Another Time Tracking Tool”; a free and multi-platform app with which you can keep track of your work and how much you have spent at it.

What is special about NATTT is that it doesn’t have any timers that require starting or stopping and no complex operations to create new tasks and this makes it (arguably) the fastest and yet simplest way to track your time.

You create tasks and they will automatically be tracked or you use an existing task to track your time. either way, you can always get an exportable overview of your tasks’ track records by going to the calendar.

Features in NATTT

  • Freemium: NATTT’s basic version is free for everyone to download and use forever.
  • Multi-Platform: All Windows, Linux, and Mac users can enjoy the coolness of NATTT. Oh, Android and iOS users too!
  • A beautifully crafted User Interface that allows for an intuitive work and process flow.
  • No need to set reminders all the time. NATTT works like a personal assistant as it asks you about your work from time to time.
  • View monthly task overviews.
  • Download a report based on your projects.
  • Automatic real-time synchronization.
  • Works while offline.
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NATTT’s UI is so clean and intuitive that it should be easy to use. However, if you have any questions head over to the FAQ section on its official website’s homepage.

Remember that it is still in beta so if you experience any bugs don’t hesitate to contact the dev team; and if your OS platform isn’t supported yet then just be patient. It will be soon days or weeks.

Download NATTT - Time Tracking Tool

NATTT will launch a pro version sooner or later but since the subscription package isn’t available yet, we don’t know the price rate. What we do know, is that, with the free version, you will be able to track project and task times, work offline, and sync your data across your connected devices.

With a Pro subscription, you will gain the ability to create teams, add time estimates for projects and tasks, day rate for projects, access more informative reports, and make use of external APIs via 3rd party app integration.

How do you feel about NATTT? I have it running on my iOS device and I have nothing to complain about yet. Maybe you will be the one to catch something you don’t like or maybe you will fall in love with the app completely.

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Whatever the case is, drop your feedback in the comments section below.


About the author

Martins Okoi

Martins Divine Okoi is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for Linux and Open Source software. He is studying again for an MSc in Cybersecurity but still makes time to write about the best software the market has to offer.