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NethServer 7 Is Finally Here with Various Features and UI Upgrades

NethServer 7
Written by Martins Jr. Okoi

The feature-rich, simple, and CentOS/RHEL based NethServer OS, is finally here with their final release, NethServer 7 and I must admit that I am impressed.

Three months ago we got a glimpse of how far the team had come with the project after they released the NethServer 7 RC 2, and then NethServer 7 RC 3.

In announcing their new release, the NethServer team said,

NethServer 7 is a big step forward on the path of innovation, now we can take full advantage of the power of CentOS 7.

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We’re confident that it will be the best NethServer ever and it will achieve our mission. Making sysadmin’s life easier with Open Source. This is thanks to the most vibrant, supportive and friendly community in the Open Source space (and not only Open Source).

Features of NethServer 7 OS

Following are notable features of NethServer 7:

A Neat Web Interface

Make use of a neatly designed and intuitive GUI environment to execute tasks, backups, and restores, etc with ease.

NethServer Dashboard

NethServer Dashboard

Advanced Static Routes

Easy static route configuration by implementing routes with either a specific selection of device and metric or forcing a default gateway.

NethServer Static Route

NethServer Static Route

Next Cloud 10

Next Cloud is a new open source project that gives you the ability to run a private cloud platform from the laptop in your house.

You can read more about the project here for a quick overview of its features.

NethServer Next Cloud

NethServer Next Cloud

SSL Certificate Management Panel

Request for a new Let’s Encrypt certificate to automate the obtaining certificates and configuring service daemons to use them (same way web servers do).

NethServer Let's Encrypt Certificate

NethServer Let’s Encrypt Certificate


Take advantage of deep packet inspection using nDPI and create firewall rules like “only the boss computer can access Facebook” or “nobody can download torrents”. Use the reverse proxy to access internal sites from the outside network and host on an internal web server.

NethServer Firewall

NethServer Firewall


All users automatically have a valid mail address e.g. [email protected] at the point of creation. You have the ability to create distribution lists with both internal and external mail addresses, and Create shared mailboxes and associate them to a custom mail alias.

NethServer Mail Server

NethServer Mail Server

What’s New in NethServer 7?

The CentOS/RHEL based NethServer 7 comes with a ton of many features of which most of them are major improvements and newly included repositories. Some of these changes are:

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A New Look

NethServer has a more classy look with its polished predominantly blue, dark gray, and white interface.

NethServer Dashboard

NethServer Dashboard

A New Landing Page

The newly implemented landing page holds links to quick tutorials that can help you get up and running.

A New Web Interface for Restoring Backups

You can now decide to do a backup restore from a number of previous backups.

NethServer Restore Backup

NethServer Restore Backup

A New Bandwidth Monitoring Module

In accordance with user requests, the development team has added a new module, BandWidthD, for better bandwidth usage monitoring.

The tool is a widely accepted utility app with a proven track record so be sure to be getting an excellent administrative experience.

New Repositories

SCL (Software Collection) repository is enabled by default enabling users to download applications from it using the yum command.

NethForge comes with this version and is enabled by default. It is a center that contains extra downloadable modules built by the development community, has been added to the Software Center and is enabled by default.

You can check out the remaining various features that NethServer has to offer with alongside illustrative screenshots.

NethServer Demo and Download

Users cannot upgrade from NethServer 6.8 to 7 yet, so if you run the former and you wouldn’t want to perform a clean installation you will have to wait for the option to upgrade to reach where you.

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NethServer is available for free download in two options:

If you don’t want to experience the installation process yet you can try out this live demo of the CentOS-based OS in action.

What has been your experience with it so far and how excited are you about this update? Or are you a potential user? Perhaps it is the solution you need for your administrative work. Are you willing to give it a try?

Share your thoughts with us below, in the comments section.

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About the author

Martins Jr. Okoi

Martins Jr. (Dillivine) Okoi is a Computer Scientist, Web Developer and Programmer who has a passion for Linux and the Open Source community.

  • Nanohard

    Thanks for the article. I’m always on the lookout for sysadmin GUIs. I’ve never heard of this one.

    • You’re welcome bro. It’s a nice one indeed.
      Feel free to tell me your experience after you try it out 🙂

  • Jeff Bales

    NethServer 7 Final looks great and many changes have been made, but is disappointing to me regarding Samba Active Directory. The beta and all of the RC’s, installing Samba Active Directory works just fine. But installing Samba AD on NS7 has some errors even though it’s completely installs. And the Disaster Restore of Samba AD just does not work. I would do a virtual of NS7 and backup the virtual.

    • Sorry for replying your comment late, I’m just seeing it.

      NS 7 does indeed look great.
      Concerning Samba Active Directory, I haven’t experienced any issues yet as I have not had to install Samba AD but I will get your complaint over to the developers.

      • Jeff Bales

        As of 02-21-2017 the issues are resolved.

        • Alright. Excellent.

          • Jeff Bales

            Oops. I meant installing the DC has been resolved. But the backup and restore is still not working.

          • Alessio Fattorini

            We’re working on it thanks for pointing it out!

          • Jeff Bales

            The latest Samba AD 4.5.5 does not backup; it errors and stops. I don’t know what Samba NS is using but it might be a Samba issue and not a NS issue.

          • hehe give it some time