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The New Features Expected In DNF-2, Currently In Development

DNF Install Example
Written by Aaron Kili

DNF(Dandified YUM) is a relatively new package manager for Fedora , a community-supported Linux distribution. Referred to as the next generation YUM package manager, DNF was introduced in Fedora 18 and has ever since been the default package manager for this popular distribution.

The last version of DNF-1 will be DNF-1.1.10 and DNF-PLUGINS-CORE-0.1.21 as announced by Honza Silhan. Therefore, DNF-2 has taken the lead and is now the DNF upstream, it will ship in with some of the following new features:

  • it will use libdnf instead of hawkey or libhif
  • reintroduction of YUM’s configuration options includepkgs and excludepkgs
  • DNF group install CLI option with-optional will be changed to --with-optional
  • plus Python API changes and a few other changes.

Probably targeted for Fedora 25, in addition to the above new features, DNF-2 is expected to come with a number of important bug fixes.

As a Fedora user, what are your thoughts concerning the so called next generation YUM, that is if you have been testing its features and performance in comparison to the old YUM. Let us know via the feedback section below.

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