Best 6 Free and Open Source Veterinary Management Software

Open Source Veterinary Management Software
Written by Divine Okoi

The advent of smart computational software brought a lot of relief to workers in different walks of life especially to those in business. Programmers have successfully created software like Electronic Medical Records apps and Content Management Systems to enhance workflow and nobody is left out.

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As a humble reminder that no single field is ignored by the open source community, here is a list of the best free management software for veterinary practice and they are all free.

1. Ababu

Ababu is a user-friendly veterinary software management software with a dashboard from where you can manage animals in your care, their visit dates, birthdays, owner details, vaccination appointments, etc.


You can install and use it from the cloud or run it in your browser. Its stable version is 1.0 (developed using PHP) while its version 2.0 is still in development using C# in the .NE framework.

Ababu is easy to use thanks to its well-organized dashboard and setting options that it offers.

Ababu - Veterinary Practice Management Software

Ababu – Veterinary Practice Management Software

2. OpenVPMS

OpenVPMS is a robust software management tool for veterinary practitioners because of its wide user options. You can use it for managing stock, finances, patients, and customers. You can also use it to create reports, transfer data files securely, and schedule appointments.

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You can install it on a Linux server or run it in your browser. Its GUI is far from modern but the fact that it has stood the test of time proves that it can take on whatever task you give it.

OpenVPMS - Veterinary CRM Software

OpenVPMS – Veterinary CRM Software

3. Vettev

Vettev, like OpenVPMS, can handle creating and managing medical records, reports, administrators, etc. It features a simplistic GUI with one toolbar housing the options for entering animal and animal-owner details, creating invoices, reports, appointments, etc. and you can see everything in a single page.

Vettev - Veterinary Management Software

Vettev – Veterinary Management Software

4. Animal Shelter Manager

Animal Shelter Manager is a cloud-based service that enables you to create records of animal shelters complete with their location, health conditions, billing status, etc.

You can use it to manage both medical and customer records, reports, waiting rooms, laboratory appointments, finances, etc. and its first version is available for free at sourceforge.

If you would rather use an improved version then you can grab its latest version with a monthly (or annual) subscription fee.

Animal Shelter Manager

Animal Shelter Manager

5. VetGeo

VetGeo is another cloud-based management solution for vets but it features a clean modern GUI and supports working with multiple veterinary clinics.

VetGeo is easy to use and you can search for settings, animals, clinics, etc directly from within the search bar which lives at the top of the app window.

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VetGeo is the only title in this list that is not open source but it is too awesome to be left out – especially considering the tens of other veterinary clinic management apps that have been abandoned or discontinued.

VetGeo - FREE Vet Management Software

VetGeo – FREE Vet Management Software

6. Evette

Evette supports both Linux and Windows platforms and despite the fact that it has been discontinued, it remains a veterinary clinic management software to contend with.

It is free and open source with a simple GUI that anyone can easily get up and running with. It supports adding animal medical and customer records, managing invoices, and appointments.

All the listed software offer almost the same options but they may appeal to you differently so feel free to check them all out in order to make an ultimate decision.

Do you have any experience with software listed above? Or do you have suggestions for us? Drop your comments and questions in the discussion section below and don’t forget to share our posts.


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