Pop GTK Theme – An Eye Candy Theme for Unity & GNOME

System76 Pop Themes for Ubuntu
Written by Martins D. Okoi

In the theme universe, the best themes are usually either a fork of others or hybrids. In the case we have today, this theme is a fork.

Pop Theme is an eye candy theme with love for Ubuntu’s brown and orange color scheme. Because it is a fork of the beautiful Adapta GTK theme (which gets inspiration from Google’s Material Design) and Papirus Icons, it places emphasis on its icons drop-down shadowy look while maintaining a flat and sleek UI.

The theme (created by the Ubuntu computer selling company, System76,) comes as a metapackage which containing pop-fonts, pop-gtk-theme, and pop-icon-theme – everything you will need to keep the ‘Pop’ design scheme on your workstation consistent.

As I mentioned earlier, Pop Theme has a love for Ubuntu’s color scheme and it does a good job of polishing it to make it “pop”. It features a Ubuntuish-Material Design-inspired brown and orange color palette which complements its overall grayish background color and bright orange buttons and checkmarks

It uses Papirus Icons for its Icon set and them too, blend with the theme’s overall UI nicely.

Pop Theme Preview 1

Pop Theme Preview 1

Pop Theme Preview 2

Pop Theme Preview 2

Pop Theme will work best on both Unity and GNOME desktops so you can hurry and grab yourself a package now.

Download Pop Theme Installers

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Download Pop Theme Installers (Alternative Links)

Remember that just setting up a theme and an icon set for your PC doesn’t end the customization process because you will still have to add a nice wallpaper (that suits your taste) into the mix to perfect the recipe. You can even go further to set custom sounds and notification alert types.

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