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Qalculate! – An Open-Source Multi-Purpose Calculator

Qalculate Desktop Calculator for Linux
Written by Martins D. Okoi

Qalculate! is a robust cross-platform desktop calculator that is simple to use and equally capable of performing complex math calculations as well as other calculative tasks like percentage calculation and currency conversion.

What is awesome about Qalculate! is that it works with a library that features tons of customizable functions which make it excellent at unit conversions, plotting graphs, interval arithmetic, and symbolic calculations like differentiation, among other math problems.

Qalculate! is also capable of keeping the history of your calculations, a feature that comes in handy when making lengthy calculations or solving long math problems (typical of Calculus).

When you launch Qalculate! you will notice its straightforward workflow. It has a typical menu bar with file, edit, and help options. The other options are for setting the mode you want the app to be in while you use it, the variables you will be working with, and the units.

Qalculate Desktop Calculator

Qalculate Desktop Calculator

If you need any guidance to use the app or ever get stuck along the line there’s an online manual that you will find handy.

Features in Qalculate!

  • Free and open-source with source code available for contribution on GitHub.
  • Cross-Platform: Available for GNU/Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • A comprehensive online manual here.
  • An online reference here.
  • Customizable functions.
  • A modern, minimalist, and Customizable UI.
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See the complete list of features here.

Qalculate! is available to download on Ubuntu and other Linux distros as a snap app and all you need is a single command.

$ sudo snap install qalculate

Don’t have snapd? let’s set up for snaps using following commands.

$ sudo apt install snapd  [On Ubuntu/Debian]
$ sudo dnf install snapd  [On Fedora]
$ yaourt -S snapd         [On Arch Linux]

What do you think about Qalculate!. It is not Mathlab but it sure gets the job done.

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