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QupZilla – An Educational Lightweight Qt Web Browser

QupZilla Web Browser for Linux
Written by Divine Okoi

QupZilla is a cross-platform lightweight and fast QtWebEngine browser that originally started only for educational purposes but has since grown to be rich in features and support.

It comprises of all the functions you would expect in a standard browser including support for tabs, bookmarks, history, and a built-in AdBlock plugin.

QupZilla was initially written in Python with PyQt4 bindings when it was released in December 2010 but has now been completely rewritten in C++ using the Qt Framework.

Features in QupZilla

  • FOSS – free and open source with its source code available on GitHub.
  • Unified Library – access and manage your bookmarks and history within a single page.
  • Native UI/UX – use whatever native look it is that you have on your workstation.
  • Theme Support – style QupZilla’s look and feel with custom themes.
  • Integrated AdBlock – update QupZilla’s EasyList or create custom rules to natively filter and block annoying (or intrusive) ads.
  • Speed Dial (with drag and drop support) – access your favorite pages in a new tab.
  • Session Manager – create, delete, rename, and switch between multiple browser sessions.
  • Integrated RSS Reader – easily stay up to date with all your favorite sites.

Apart from the above-listed features, QupZilla also has a TabManager, GreaseMonkey plugin, and support for streaming from PulseAudio.

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Download QupZilla from Ubuntu Software Center


If you are running a Linux distro other than Ubuntu then you can download your distro-specific version here.

Have you used QupZilla before and what do you think of having a web browser with a main purpose of education? Add your comments in the section below.


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